Kelly Price Boyfriend 2022 — Age, Height, Biography

This article will know about gossiped Kelly price boyfriend 2021 and discuss how far this news is correct. Earlier, it was said to be a rumour. But, she has revealed so much about her relationship in an interview. If you want to know all these personal details, keep reading till the end.

There won’t be anyone from the United States who doesn’t know Kelly price. She might be a favourite singer if many people, who have good taste in music. Her songs are also famous among youth, as she targets to get youth attention while she writes songs. 

It’s very natural for us to have that curiosity to know about celebs, right! Let us know about Kelly and her boyfriend in this article.

Who is Kelly Price?

She is a well-known American gospel singer. Also, she is a songwriter who is best known for her rhythm and blues music.


Below are the basic details of her:

Actual nameKelly Cherelle Price
Birth date and place4th April, 1973, New York, United States.
OccupationsAuthor, singer, song writer, actress
GenresSoul, gospel, rhythm and blues.
SpouseJeffrey Rolle Sr
ChildrenJeffrey Rolle jr, Jonia Rolle

As a singer, she has got a lot of recognition. Below are some of her greatest achievements:

  • In 2016, she was awarded the best rap song performer in the AMFT awards.
  • She was nominated as a best female singer 6 times for GRAMMY awards.
  • She got a soul train music award for best rap artist new.
  • She was also nominated for many other awards like MTV music awards and American music awards.

Let us know about Kelly price boyfriend 2021 in the next sessions.

What did she call off her marriage?

Kelly Price was previously married to husband and manager Jeffrey Rolle, Sr., for 23 years. In addition to being involved in the marriage since she was 19-years-old, he also represented her professionally.


However, in 2015, she announced that she was filing for divorce and ended their business relationship. “After the untimely death of my sister last year, it weighed on me heavily that this was something we needed to do. I ultimately decided to live the best life I could. I ended things because I didn’t want to compromise what true happiness was anymore,” she said.

She added that there are “no hard feelings” between herself and her ex and insisted she will “love Jeff until the day she dies.”

Is she engaged to someone?

In March, Kelly revealed in an interview that she was secretly engaged. But who is Kelly price boyfriend 2021?

“I’m engaged right now. I haven’t said anything publicly yet, but I’ve been with someone for about two years now. I intentionally kept it quiet because I told myself when it comes time to let the world know, I’ll let the world know exactly who that individual is,” 

She told the outlet of keeping her man’s identity a secret – though she has partially shown him on social media. 


However, it’s been reported in the past his name is Terrell Babers.

Who is Kelly price boyfriend 2021?

Terrell was reportedly dating Kelly. 

While her current Instagram profile has no pictures of him, several reports suggest they were spotted spending a lot of time together. 

The couple came into the relationship after being friends. In an interview, Kelly opened up about her relationship and revealed that she and Terrell’ decided to give love with a friend a chance to thrive’. 


She had reportedly shared a picture with him and a couple more friends in October 2020, which showed them all vacationing in Georgia. The post has been since taken down. 

It is further known that “Price’s family had accused Babers of keeping them away from visiting her at her home when she was discharged early from the hospital in late August.”

He continued of their relationship: “I have my litmus test of things. So I needed every situation to be tried out before saying, Yes, I’ll do this again. Because I’ve done this before, and divorce is not fun even when you know you need to get divorced. It’s not fun.”

And also, regarding the mystery of her missing, Kelly price has been found now, but that’s about all we know. We’ll have to wait until the cops or Kelly herself gives us an insight into what happened.


Now we know that Terrell Babers is Kelly price boyfriend in 2021. It is known that they were engaged, and we need to wait until she reveals further information.


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