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Hair doesn’t make the human, but good hair helps, so keratin salon direct reviews will be mentioned beneath this article to give the users useful information about it. The beauty of a woman is her natural hair as well as the richest ornament too. Due to some hair-related issues or even for styling up your hair, people usually take the help of a salon for hairdressing.

Natives of the United Statesare very eager to gather more information about the website and lookup for getting suitable Treatmenttreatment for their hair. Various products are made available along with the treatments and steps, so read the article carefully to gain reviews and some useful information.

What is

As referred above, it is an online website that helps users get the keratin smoothing treatment. The users can perform professional salon treatment at home for smoother, straighter, softer, frizz-free hair that lasts for months. The team develops and manufactures professional smoothing products used by stylists in the finest salons in the world.


So, keratin salon direct reviews will help you know about the feedbacks of the users who have used those products supplied by this website. Keratin Salon/Direct is a salon treatment that is free of harmful ingredients. It can be done easily at home, and it will last for months. 

After Treatmenttreatment, we can put our hair in any style, either in curls or straight.



Some discounts are made available on the products. The steps, as well as a video, is present on the website for the users of the United States, which are as follows:

  1. Take the cream and apply it to clean dry and damp hair.
  2. Massage the hair.
  3. Comb through the hair.
  4. Leave in hair for 40 minutes or for the specified time.
  5. Rinse them properly.
  6. Blow-dry and flat iron, then you are done with it.

Stronger and healthier-looking hair, through and through. Keratin Salon/Direct utilizes a process that we developed exclusively for salons which penetrate deeply into hair to infuse a unique blend of keratin, botanical extracts, and vitamins that result in not only smoother hair but a restoration of natural luster for overall healthier-looking and more manageable hair without the use of formaldehyde or other dangerous chemicals.


  • Single Treatmenttreatment of keratin salon direct smoothing: – The users have a great opportunity to buy the product with a discount of 75% on in-salon pricing. The final price of this product, including the discount, is $77.
  • 2 Treatments of keratin salon direct smoothing: – An individual can save an additional 31% on single treatment pricing. The actual price of the product is $154, and the discount rate is just $107.
  • Sulphate Free Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner with Styling Crème: It is a combo of 3 products that includes shampoo, conditioner, and styling crème is just $49.95 as 46% discount is applied.
  • KSD Sulphate Free Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner Bundle – It saves 53% on in-salon pricing, and the final price will be $29.95
  • Moisturizing Luxurious Sulphate Free Shampoo – It saves 37% on in-salon pricing, and the final price will be $19.95



  • Contact Address: Keratin Salon/Direct 1128 Royal Palm Beach Blvd #166 Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411.
  • Contact Number: 1-888-271-4661
  • Email Address:
  • Social Media Pages: Facebook and Instagram.
  • Shipping Policy: The product will be shipped within 2 to 3 working days after the order is placed.
  • Returns: The product can be returned within 30 days after the delivery, but a purchase receipt is necessary.


  • Contact details are mentioned on the website.
  • Frequently asked questions are also made available.
  • The product is harmless as it is sulfate-free.
  • Discounts are available on the products which gain the attraction of the users.



Returns will not be available at any cost if the request is sent after 30 days of delivery or the product purchase receipt is lost.

Is legit or a scam?

While research, we have established the general information required to know about the website which shows it might be a legit one.

The contact details are available on the website. Social media pages are also present on this website. The trust score for this website is 3.7 out of 5.

Keratin salon direct reviews?


85% of users have given them 5 stars for their products. They also provide fast shipping, which makes customers happy as well as the treatment is done to their hair lasts for a longer time. 

The discounts made available on each product makes it the user easy to buy the products. Even the customers are satisfied as the people in their surroundings compliment them for their hair look.


We can now conclude that their products have received a positive response from the customers, as stated in keratin salon direct reviews. The presence of social media and contact details makes the user feel safer to proceed to the transaction stage.

Do mention your comments in the respective section about their products and services.

ParametersYes/no/trust score
Social media presenceYes
Customer reviewsYes
Trust score3.7 out of 5
SSL Encryptionyes

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