Key Bank Scam

The rise in online scamming by fraudsters has been reported in the past few years. We are here to provide you information regarding the recurring complaints by several clients concerning the key bank scam.

Multiple clients in the United States have been deceived by online scams and fraudulent calls pretending to be from renowned brands and identified government/banking entities. The responsible users have resorted to the online platforms to describe the unfavorable scenarios and develop cognizance among other clients. Many leading organizations have praised the combined efforts to instruct people on separating legitimate emails from the scams such as these.

What is KeyBank?

KeyBank is the principal subsidiary of KeyCorp. It is a regional bank that is headquartered in Cleveland, United States. It is the single significant bank providing services in the city. Since its inception in 1825, it has maintained 25th rank on the largest banks in the United States of America.

What are the key bank scam and messages people received? (Must Read)


The clients have reported that they were contacted by fraudsters via telephonic calls, wherein they claimed to be from KeyBank by using software to create false caller IDs to deceive the clients. The imposters further stated that fraudulent activity had been reported on the client’s account. 

As a security measure, they need to verify the client’s details by sending the One Time Password (OTP) to their mobile phone numbers. To effectively execute this security measure, they will ask for online banking details and personal information. They then use this information for their dishonest plans and deceive the clients.

KeyBank responded to this by saying that they occasionally make service calls to their clients and send emails and texts. Still, they never ask for personal details, such as social security numbers, OTPs, usernames, passwords, account numbers, or any other user data.

The other types of scams may be in the form of a debt elimination scam, which the user needs to beware of. The KeyBank requests the clients not to provide any personal information and create a strong password that is long enough and cannot be easily cracked.


These fundamental rules must constantly be in the mind of people before answering any arbitrary mail.

If a scam or message comes to your note, it is advised to report them to track the offenders. 

What are user reviews?

KeyBank is a very successful bank with many branches across the United States. However, after recurring Key Bank scam and frauds, the customer response to the bank has been degrading. The clients are very disgruntled and have complained about their unresponsive customer care services. 


For example, my clients complained that the bank puts their call on hold for more than an hour before responding to their queries.

Most of the users have rated the bank just one star out of five.

Several users complained about the inability to withdraw cash from the ATMs and the deduction of money from their accounts for using ATM services.

These increasing negative reviews are not a great sign to the bank’s publicity, and they need to make improvements to gain back the customers’ trust. 

Is the company legit?


KeyBank was founded in 1825, which concludes it has been in the service in the United States for a greater duration of years now. With its 1,197 branches and 1,572 ATMs across the country, there is no ambiguity over its legitimacy. 

It is a very successful, well-known bank and strives to provide impeccable services. They have been ranked 412th on the 2020 fortune 500 lists, and the results were based on their 2019 revenues. 


Unfortunately, such a Key Bank scam has been reported. Many clients have fallen victim to such deceptions with so many campaigns against fraudulent emails and scams to educate people and protect them from trickery. It is always advisable to be very cautious and sure about the authenticity of the source before providing any personal details. 

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