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Logan Paul, who is a famous YouTuber, has a major announcement to make regarding the collection of his Pokemon cards. We are going to talk about the Loganslivestream com Pokemon in this article.


He started to collect these cards sincelast August. Recently, he got to know that there is a boom in collecting sports cards but he only had Pokemon cards so he started to bid on more of these cards and got the idea to sell them in Loganslivestream com Pokemon.

About Pokemon cards

There are types of Pokemon cards, and the price differs according to the type of card. Pokemon is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time right now with 90 billion dollars. The others like Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Harry Potter comes after it.


Moreover, next year is the 25th anniversary of Pokemon;therefore, they will be more popular in the market. Logan has played numerous Pokemon games in his childhood, has done YouTube videos on them, and also has tattoos of some of the characters from the cartoon series.He bought 7 cards from a collector for 50,000 dollars at the start because of his passion.

The cards are valued in three categories-

  • The First edition cards- These are the most valued cards because they are the first edition and can be spotted by the stamp of first edition print on the card.
  • Shadowless cards – These are the second most valued cards because they still have no shadow behind the pictures of pokemon characters but without the first edition stamp.
  • Third edition/ base set – These cards have a shadow behind the characters and thus are the least valued.

What is Loganslivestream com Pokemon?


Logan realized that value of the cards is going to increase in the next months, so he started to buy more of them. He bought the booster box sets that have 36 packs of cards, 12 of which are guaranteed to have a holographic card. The most valued card is of Charizardpokemon that one can get the chance to win in Loganslivestream com Pokemon.

He got more of the booster box sets one after another; he even bid on a first edition booster box that was $110,000. He increased that bid for $170,000 and won, and that box set is of 200,000 dollars now. He is already in possession of two CharizardPokemon cards that are of the highest value.

Logan has got the rarest of the boxes worth of $200,000 that he is going to open on 9th October 6 pm PSTlive on his YouTube channel. One can visit the link Loganslivestream com Pokemon to buy these rarest of the cards.



Logan is going to sell 35 of these packs that can contain the Charizard card; maybe from 1 to 3 anywhere in these boxes. Card collectors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada who are the fans of Pokemon cards have a chance to win them in the livestream that is going to take place tomorrow.

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