Lookmovie.ag Legit — 500+ Customers Review [2023]

Want to watch the lasted movies free of cost and wonder are the online websites safe? In this article will cover whether is Lookmovie.ag legit or not. Such pirated websites are always a risk but worth taking.

With the covid-19 lockdowns, everyone has been away from theatres for so long that they are bound to look at alternatives for watching movies. Pirated websites are illegal in the United States, but despite that, they are on the surge. The pirated movies are free of cost, easily accessible, good quality, and who doesn’t love watching movies free instead of purchasing expensive streaming platforms.

What is Lookmovie.ag?


Lookmovie.ag lets you watch the pirated movies and television shows on their website for free of cost. Such sites are not authorized to stream the content, and it is against filmmakers’ approval. It is an international piracy website. 

Streams content illegally and are a punishable offense. So is it worth using these websites, and is lookmovie.ag legit? To know more, keep reading further.


  • Contact Address – They do not have any specific contact address mentioned on the website. 
  • Customer Care Number – There is no customer care number provided on the website.
  • Email Address – This information has not been provided on their website.
  • Payment Method – This is a free website where there is no subscription fee.
  • Category of the Website – The website allows users to watch the latest pirated movies and television shows illegally.
  • Availability in Countries – The users can stream the content any time and anywhere they want, whether they are in the United States or any other part of the world.
  • Where to watch – The content can be stream on mobile phones, tablets, or laptops as per availability and preference.

Pros of Lookmovie.ag

  • It is a free website with no subscription fee
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Users can download and watch free movies and television shows.
  • Films of all genres and categories ranging from latest to oldest are present.
  • It is difficult to trace the users despite being illegal because they keep modifying the URL when they get blocked.
  • It does not entertain any advertisement on the website.
  • No need to create any user account to access the website content.

Cons of Lookmovie.ag

  • It is an illegal platform.
  • It is a punishable offense if you get tracked or caught
  • While accessing the website, the users leave themselves vulnerable to hackers or open a gateway for malware installation on their device. 

Is Lookmovie.ag legit or not?


We did meticulous research on their entire website and could not find any reason to doubt the authenticity. As weird as it sounds, it is true that they are illegal, but that does not imply that the website is a scam. 

The website can be used to stream movies and has been labeled safe for their website status. Please don’t get thrown off by the illegal status of the website; it is very challenging to track them for the authorities as they improve the URL very frequently, making them undetectable. 

But please keep in mind our conclusion has been drawn from open sources online, and there are always chances for it to be wrong, and results could be contradictory. So do not take such conclusions for the Holy Grail; always be vigilant.

What is the Lookmovie.ag Review by the customer?


We read various responses on the reviews section on multiple sites and social media platforms from the customers who have availed of their services in the past. Unfortunately, the users have given a very mixed response. 

Some users have raved about their experience of watching free movies and the latest content. They even adored the simplicity and great experience they had while using the interface. On the other hand, a few users complained about missing episodes of the downloaded series. 


Some were agitated after downloading the entire series and realizing it is in a different language. However, a few also complained about not being able to access the website after some time. Due to such mixed response, users wonder whether is lookmovie.ag legit or not. 


They have been in existence for some time now; even though we got such mixed reviews, we certainly believe that it is a positive sign to respond from users available on open sources as it lets us decide its authenticity. However, irrespective of what conclusions you read on online sources, please be careful while using the website as there are always numerous risks involved.

Please do share your thoughts on your experience with us.


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