Martin Lewis Phone Scam

Are you aware of the Martin Lewis phone scam? With new developments, there are new scops of scamming that are also discovered. Today we are here to talk about one of the most recent and talked-about scams. Nine out of 10 people are regularly cheated with a scam. There is always a new way to fool people and drag them into a scam with fresh new ways.

Hopefully, everyone is aware of the name Martin Lewis. This name is a big name. Recently the name is coming on the headline because of his shocking post on his social media about the recent scam. Nowadays, this name is also entangled in many scams and fraudulent works. We gather all information and present it here in this article to understand the scam tricks, ways to spot the scam, and other essential tricks.

What is Martin Lewis phone scam?

A social media post of Martin Lewis is going viral about a scam. He is aware of a scam text and message of some companies sending fake text related to someone’s unpaid mobile bills and other bills.


Martin Lewis said that fraudulent people pretend to be telephone companies and try to grab your bank account details to rob your money.

Martin Lewis is always making his followers allotted with new trends, and he always said that there was a certain number of scams increasing in the UK in the past two or three years.

And the rise in global pandemic it more. Even various renowned companies and charity organizations have their own scam business online to rob people. 

What is the format of a new text message scam?

Martin Lewis phone scam is a text messages scam. Fraudulent companies claim that they are a renowned telephone company and send you the status of your unpaid bills with the due date. 


Even they attach a call of action with the text. The call of action is a direct link to clear the bills. Please don’t click on it. It is a data phishing trick. It will ask you to fill in some crucial information related to your bank account for payment.

Once you fill the form, the data is automatically transferred to the hands of scammers, and they can easily make money from your bank account.

Some interesting facts related to scam business:

this scam hid some exciting facts behind martin lewis phone scam:

  • According to Lewis, there is an epidemic of scams in the UK. It’s been exploding for the past three or four years, and it’s been exacerbated due to the pandemic.
  • In 2018, the founder of the MoneySavingExpert website launched a defamation action against Facebook for publishing more than 1,000 adverts paid for by fraudsters which used Lewis’s face and name to con people into scam investments.
  • The social media giant settled the action by making a £3m payment to Citizens Advice but continues to profit from scam ads, MPs claim.
  • When Lewis was suing Facebook, he met a senior member of the government. He said, ‘can you not regulate?’ And he got this semi-flippant response that, ‘well, it’s tough for us to do, which is why we want you to take the court case.’
  • UK Finance, which represents the banking and finance industry, said its members had stopped £1.6bn worth of fraud in 2020, but criminals had still managed to steal £1.26bn. There are at least 3.4 million incidents a year.
  • The financial ombudsman said it had seen an approximate 50% increase in complaints about scams and fraud, up about 4,500 from July to September 2020 from about 3,000 in 2019.
  • Lewis said tech companies claimed that it was too tricky to automatically vet scam adverts. “This is not a tech problem. If you are being paid to publish an advert, you need to make sure your adverts are legitimate. If that means every ad has to be vetted manually by an individual, so be it.”
  • Although fraud makes up a third of all reported crime, less than 1% of police resources are spent investigating it, according to evidence given by Graeme Biggar, the director-general of the National Economic Crime Centre, to the work and pensions select committee.

How to avoid such scam text and identify it?

You have to be very careful about the Martin lewis phone scam. There are some critical drawbacks available about the text that can help you find it a scam.

  • This text comes in an extended format.
  • These text messages should contain some spelling mistakes.
  • These text messages usually have a link attached below.
  • This kind of text always cheers you up to pay the bill immediately.

All these text messages are sent to people?


Yes, many people are reporting that they lost their money after clicking on such kinds of links. And others are complaining about spamming of such unknown companies in text messages and email.

What are the people’s reactions to it?

Many people are afraid of such text messages after losing all their money.

Alina said,

 “It takes 3 seconds to exploit my bank account. They rob all my money, and the account is running on zero balance.”


Joey said, 

“I also get this kind of text, but I continuously ignored it. Some of my friends tried to clear payment through the link, and they lost all their bank balances within a few seconds.”


Martin Lewis’s phone scam is a dangerous scam that is happening all over the UK. Many people are entangled in the trap of scammers, and others cleverly avoid such text. 

Be a bit aware and share your experience and views on this incident in the comment section below. Be in touch with us to learn more about such incidents.


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