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If you are a fan of May Rob Mcelhenney brother, this article helps you get more details about his siblings briefly.

Nowadays, May Rob Mcelhenney brother got popularity on the internet because of the “Football League” Let’s check out the May Rob Melhenny, his brother, his married life, why they are getting famous, and several things with this article.

About Rob Mcelhenney


Rob Mcelhenney is a famous actor and producer who was born in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia., The United States. He has done so many comedic series that got high popularity worldwide. Out of his series, he is well known for one of the best series, i.e., “MacDonald.”

He has done his schooling at Joseph’s preparatory school and graduated from Fordham University. He started his career in 1997, and his first release was “The Devis Own.” He has done a variety of films, and out of the latter days, the toll booth a civil action is quite famous, and he has a net worth of around $50 million.

He had many ups and downs as their parents separated in 1985 because her mother was a lesbian, and he spent the rest of his life with his father. He worked as a part-time waiter before working in the film industry.

To know May Rob Mcelhenney brother read further.

Net Worth   $50 M
Date of Birth14th April 1977
Children2 (Leo Grey McElhenney, Axel Lee McElhenney)
Spouse nameKaitlin Oslon
OccupationProducer, Actor
Famous for Its Sunny
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight73 kgs
Father nameRobert Mcelhenney
Mother nameHelena Mcelhenney

After checking the bibliography of Rob Mcelhenney, let’s check out Rob Mcelhenney brother history by reading this article.

Rob Mcelhenney marital life

Rob Mcelhenney dated Kaitlin Oslon for several years and finally married in California in 2008. In 2010 she gave birth to his first son Axel lee. She started her career at The Sunday company based in the United States. She was born on 18th August 1975. She was famous for her series sweet dee and its sunny

About Rob Mcelhenney brother

Rob Mcelhenney has a brother named Patrick Mcelhenney, and he has one sister also whose name is Katie Macelhenney. His brother is fond of games and is also the national player of the soccer game. 


He was born in Ireland and attracted their fans with his playing style as he has performed a variety of games. He has the best player with zenith saint Petersburg. Patrick is younger than Rob as he revealed this thing on his Instagram channel, but now we can’t tell his brother’s age.

Patrick loves to take photos, and he is interested in men rather than women. He declares himself gay. He said that” His brother plays a vital part in motivating him in all fields of life.

Rob Macelhenny and Ryan Reynold, a Canadian actor, run a famous club, i.e., Wrexham, famous because of the Football League.


On the other hand, his sister is a good writer who wrote mythic quests that made her popular over a night. Rob Macelhenny and his sister got attention on various social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Ending note:

It’s all about the May Rob Mcelhenney and his brother’s life details. Rob has proved his popularity because of his dedicated work in the film industry. His brother Patrick has proven his popularity because of a national player and by doing many incredible recognizable events, which we have already explained to you on this page.

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