Mome Wigs Reviews – Beware From Fake Products? 2022

As per the Mome wigs reviews and feedback, they have varieties of wigs available at an affordable range, but few of them are not well finished and look below quality products.

Like other wig brands, this is also a brand that offers a vast range of wigs, but what made it distinguish from others and the accuracy of this brand is one of the most asked doubts of many buyers. When people search for the best wig companies, they come across this name.

To help all people solve their queries, we gathered all critical information and presented it here. You can get to know about its accuracy, past customer reviews, and many more things that can help people get the insight. Be with us till the last to know everything.

About Mome wigs 

The Mome is a Germany-based company functioning all over the world. They are selling the virgin hair of humans, selling the most top-quality product for their consumers. 

The experts of these companies find the best quality wigs and check everything before selling them. They have a massive collection of pocket-friendly ranges, and this is the most low-priced company among the best brand. 


They offer quality and pocket-friendly ranges, and that’s why people are attracted so much to this website. Let’s know the mome wigs reviews more deeply.


  • Category: hair wig and hairdressing Category.
  • Type: Online e-commerce website 
  • Contact name: bin estrellagmbh
  • Phone number: 06411000
  • Address: pallaswiesnstrabe 180, 64293 dramstadtgermany.
  • Shipping charges: $19.9
  • Delivery time: it takes one to two days to deliver the product.


  • They offer virgin hair for all wigs.
  • No lace hair is used while making their wigs, and the professional experts check everything before processing.
  • They shipped the product worldwide, and the shipping charge is the same for all.
  • They add all sizes of wigs in various shades for the help of customers.


  • The customer care is inactive and does not respond rapidly.
  • They don’t have any customization options or fast delivery options.

What are the available categories on mome?

Here in this mome wigs reviews, we share all available variations of wigs which let you know better about the company

  • Curly bob wig
  • Mome special daily wear wig
  • Nayutalrollbob wig
  • Straight virgin hair wig
  • Cute short bob hair wig
  • Bob short hair wigs
  • Pixie cut curly Brazilian hair
  • Brazilian blonde hair in medium curly hair
  • Blonde wave and straight wig

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What are the mome wigs reviews?

As per the mome reviews, we found mixed reactions to this brand. The Facebook reviews and Trustpilot reviews mark it as an average website with three-star ratings.


Other online reviews state that this website provides its products to all its customers, but the qualities are not as good as reports. After analyzing everything, we mark it as a suspicious site with a 45% trust score.

Roger said 

he ordered a wig for her wife, and her wife is very happy after getting it. But within a few months, she spots that the wig starts damaging, which means this product’s quality is not so good.

Ratings: ★★☆☆☆

M. Stanley said,


she loved the pocket-friendly range, but it is not enough to judge a good product. The quality of these wigs is inferior and average, and she is highly unsatisfied with the product.

Ratings: ★★☆☆☆

R. moray said,

She gets what she expects. Also, she adds that one must carefully take care of the product to prevent it from being damaged. It is cheap than others, that’s why the quality differs.

Ratings: ★★★☆☆


Rachel said,

In her mome wigs reviews, Rachel said that she got the product within two days after ordering, and she loved the beautiful ranges of short hair wigs available in this category. So, she ordered four wigs, and two of them are great, but the other two are not so good. She felt pretty disappointed.

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Ratings: ★★★☆☆


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 45% 
Social media presence Yes
Customer opinion Yes    

We try to gather all information about mome wigs reviews and present it here to give a shape to clear the whole concept. In our opinion, it is a suspicious site that sells lousy quality products. So, it is better to avoid them. But if you want you can buy it from the official website.

Our comment section is always open for our readers to share their valuable opinions. We are waiting to see your responses over there.


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