Mood to Merge Legit

We are here to discuss whether mood to merge legit. It’s a fun game that lets you earn your favorite gadgets and money by having fun.

The platform is prominent in the United States and is being used by many players to earn money by playing games. The game is available on all devices and is free to download from any source.

What is a mood to merge?


It is a gaming app developed for funny tasks, and the game supports players by rewarding them with gadgets and cash. The game is quite simple; you need to match and merge emojis and digits of the same pattern and complete levels. 

After every win, you earn points, and you can use them to get gadgets like mobile phones, headphones, speakers, etc., or cash. But isn’t all this seeming too good to be true. Read more to find whether mood to merge legit or not. It is pretty unlikely that there is any authenticity to this game’s reward

The game might have rewarded some players, but most players get deactivated as they get closer to payment.

Steps to earn reward using mood to merge:

  1. The device you are using to play the game must have an active internet connection.
  2. The game is available for free download worldwide on all devices, and you can use the play store, Apple store, etc., to download the gaming app.
  3. When you first enter the game, you will be rewarded with a $10 bonus.
  4. There is a set plan of rewards for every consecutive day that you play the game.
  5. You need to match and merge the emojis and digits to form a higher-level emoji.
  6. You can use a different tool like hammer and arrow if you get stuck in the game.
  7. every time you win multiple combos, you’ll be rewarded with virtual PayPal credit.
  8. You will need to watch a video ad before you can collect the credit in your PayPal account.
  9. You can also earn by referring friends or lucky spins.
  10. Once you collect enough coins, you can redeem your reward or win gadgets according to your country.
  11. There should be a minimum amount of $300 to cash out through PayPal.

Is mood to merge legit?


The game has been gaining some popularity in the United States for its great platform and rewards. The game might have offered rewards to some players to prove its authenticity, but most players have not received any benefits. 

The game might show ‘transaction successful,’ but there will be no cash received in your PayPal account. The game might also trick you by letting you collect coins, and when you are close to cash out, they will deactivate or cut you off.


The game is designed such that the developer earns by displaying commercial videos. The game engrosses players to indulge their time playing the game and watching as many ads as possible. And the developer gains money from the advertisement while the players are left empty-handed. Hence the game is not legit for getting any money or reward.

Review by the users

There is an overall 1/5 rating of the game. There is no review section on the gaming platform, and to top it off as ‘Early access,’ which implements that it is very unlikely for you to find an honest review on the play store.

 We found some player’s reviews on open sources, which proved that the game is a scam. The platform is annoying because of too many Ads and network issues. The players were asked to watch never-ending Ads at the time to redeem their cash. 


No one confirmed about getting any valid reward. Most of the reviews showed disappointed and struggling players with no rewards. We can confidently answer whether mood to merge legit or not by saying a definite no.

There is no monetary value of virtual money on the game, and you cannot ask for any payment transaction. The only one earning from this game is the developer by making you watch tons of Ads.


You can play the game to have fun but don’t expect any rewards. We do not consider mood to merge legit for rewards. We would suggest you play the game yourself, and please share your experience with us in the comments section; We love hearing from our readers.


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