Mybox247 Scam

The website mybox247 is comparatively new, which makes customers dubious about their authenticity and makes them wonder whether is mybox247 scam or not?

Customers based in the United States have numerous options to choose from while shopping online, but the legitimacy of these platforms is always a question of contention. We are here with every detail of the very new online shopping website myshop247 for our readers. Continue reading for every detail.

What is Mybox247?

Mybox247 is an online shopping portal with various kits and bags available for an accessible assortment of cosmetics and makeup. They offer a wide variety of options to choose from, as they have many colors and sizes available. 

The website has provided the exact address, customer care number, and terms and conditions. If you are wondering whether it is a mybox247 scam or not, keep reading to know more.


  • Contact Address – The address mentioned on their website is PO Box 17037, Asheville, NC 28816-7037, United States. 
  • Customer Care Number – The customer care number provided on the website is (575) 493-5438.
  • Email Address – This information is provided on the website is
  • Payment Method – They accept payment through PayPal.
  • Category of the Website – They are currently dealing in women’s beauty products.
  • Delivery Time – The delivery time of their product details depends on the country’s location. Usually, it takes about 6 to 9 days to get delivered in the United States. 
  • Return of Product – The orders can be returned within 7 days of purchase if any fault. They offer a full refund on their products.
  • Countries available- They are available in the United States and many other countries worldwide.
  • Shipment Process – The shipment can be tracked on their website. They cost an extra shipment charge depending on the delivery address. Different countries have different additional shipping charges. 
  • Method of Delivery – They offer a standard shipping method for delivery. 
  • Social media presence – They are not available on any of the social media platforms.

Pros of mybox247

  • It is an online portal and easily accessible to all.
  • They offer easy returns up to 7 days of delivery.
  • They also provide easy refunds on eligible offers.
  • All the orders can be tracked online after they have been dispatched.
  • The website has an SSL certification.

Cons of mybox247

  • They are comparatively new in this line of business.
  • They do not offer cash on delivery on their website.
  • They do not have any customer reviews on any platform
  • They are not active on any of the social media platforms such as Facebook. Twitter and Instagram.
  • They have a very low trust score due to a relatively new domain.
  • Only one single payment option is available.

Is mybox247 scam or legit?

The website domain is very recent, and they are new in this line of business. They also do not have any authentic customer reviews about the purchases on any of the available platforms online. 

They are not active or have a handle/account on any of the social media handles. They have failed to create any significant impact online and do not have a consumer base.

Due to the lack of authentic solid information, we are not sure about its legitimacy and would advise caution. We would recommend reading all their terms and conditions before indulging in any purchases on their platform.

Our judgment is solely on the content obtainable on all open sources, and we do not endorse any of their products. We were intensely reading their policies before any substantial purchases.

What is the mybox247 review by the customer?

We went through their website to find any possible reviews on the products, but to our dismay, we failed to get any. They do not have any social media accounts wherein we could try to track their shoppers, and again we were unable to get any substantial reviews. 

We went through all the available open sources, and there are no reviews on their items regarding any purchases made. This shows that they have failed to create an online presence considerably due to a relatively new domain.

The lack of user response makes us wonder whether it is a mybox247 scam or not, and we do not suggest any significant affiliation without proper research at your end.


They have designed a user-friendly platform but failed to create a user base. All their products are valued at the same price, and there is a minimal number of products. They have to bring about many changes on their platform to stay ahead in this line of business. 

If you have previously used their products, share your views with us; we love hearing from our readers.


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