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Njtaxation org legit? Paying taxes is the fundamental duty of every citizen of the United States. New Jersey has its website to manage all related chores. The difficulties of the past get solved by this platform. Because it is an online portal that is easily accessible to all. You are just a few taps away from any detail you require.

Due to hundreds of online frauds every day, it is wise to be vigilant while affiliating with any website. In this article, we will give you a preview of their services. Read further to find out if they are legitimate.

What is njtaxatiom.org?

It is a copyright website of the State of New Jersey since 1996 deals in the department of treasury and division of taxation. The Division of Revenue manages the website’s content to give every necessary information. 

Their policy state that the information contained on this web site for general informational purposes only and, no person should make any investment decision relating to securities of the State

Njtaxation org legit? John J. Ficara is the acting director.

  • They have an announcement section for putting up a notice about a tax rebate, refunds, and other news.
  • Information about Unemployment plans issued by the government is given.
  • In the spotlight section, you can go through the latest events happening.
  • You can use the search bar to find out details about any particular issue.
  • They have tools like a press release, tax calendar, NJ public auction, and upcoming events.
  • Their recent social media posts are on the website. You can click on the link to view their handles.
  • Division of taxation department has a category of E-file, Pay Tax, Firms, Property Tax relief, individual, and business-related taxes. Visit these links to get your work done.
  • On the contact us, they have listed the contact information for every department to call directly.

How to use NJ taxation for tax-related services?

Using their platform is very easy because they have created a very user-friendly interface. Are you wondering is njtaxation org legit? We have given a guide to their services. 

Follow the steps below to pay tax or find any other department details:

  • You shall use any device like PC, iPad, mobile, and tablet with a wifi network. 
  • Go to the browser and search njtaxation.org and load the page.
  • Give it some time.
  • After the website is open, go through the entire homepage to check out all the details given.
  • Click on the three lines in front of the NJ taxation category.
  • The following page has many options like pay tax, check refund status, need a payment plan, Veterans and news.
  • Select the pay tax option.
  • After that, you will go to the payment page.
  • Here you will see three options, choose according to your tax notice.
  • The next page asks for your Social Identification number and more details. Enter all the credentials correctly. Press submit.
  • A new page will open. Choose your mode of payment.
  • Then make a payment.
  • You will get a notice.

Is njtaxation org legit and, how are the citizens responding towards it?

It is the website of New Jersey and does not show any red flags. It does have some sceptical policies that people should read before investing their time and money. All the information given by them is valid and, contact numbers will connect you to the respective departments. 

They have warned the users about the phone call and email scams claiming as New Jersey tax officials. If you received any suspicious call, contact their contracted agency, Pioneer Credit Recovery, at 1-866-372-6840 to confirm that the call was legitimate.

Citizens have been responding well to the website. Many people use it regularly for tax payments. You can visit their social media handles to get more information about it.


Njtaxation org legit? It is an association from the State of New Jersey of the United States to access easy tax payment. All the aspects prove it is an authentic website but do not judge them by our verdict. 

Perform a background check on your part before making any decision. Visit their FAQs tool for more queries. 

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