Norton Pc Protection Email Scam

Is Norton pc protection email scam authentic or legit? Let us give a detailed review of this Norton pc protector email. So that your doubts can be cleared and you can be sure to put your money and efforts into this website.

In the United States, people are always curious about the security of their pc, laptops, desktop, which contains confidential documents. They often buy antiviruses to keep it safe and secure and also buy protection from legitimate websites.

Norton pc protector emails are trending on the newly subscribed user’s email. Let us give you a detailed review of this email.

What is Norton pc protection?

Norton pc protection is a website that launched antiviruses and protection for laptops and computers’ confidential data. It is based on an extra charge basis. It is perfect for pc or MacBook. Norton pc protection email scam is proved or not let us see later.

It provides powerful protection against the device and claims to secure personal information.


  • Address- United States
  • Email-
  • Phone- 1-855-966-7866
  • Key product- antiviruses, anti-protection for pc
  • Website-
  • Refund- Not available 
  • Shipping- worldwide 
  • Mode of payment- visa, MasterCard, PayPal
  • Discount- sometimes available 
  • Warranty- available 
  • Durability- depends on the product 


  • It is the best website for protecting and securing your personal information.
  • It can be used as antivirus protection.
  • Lots know the site of people around the globe.
  • It is pretty famous for IT industries.


  • The renewal charges and monthly charges are pretty expensive.
  • Though it has antiviruses, it is still not working on some devices.

How to verify whether the email is from or a scam email?

The site has various options to report a spam email. We will list down a few.

  • (at)nortonlifelock(dot)com
  • (at)norton(dot)com
  • (at)lifelock(dot)com
  • (at)securenorton(dot)com
  • (at)secure(dot)norton(dot)com
  • (at)mail(dot)nortonstore(dot)hk
  • (at)mail(dot)norton(dot)com
  • (at)email(dot)norton(dot)com
  • (at)e-mail(dot)norton(dot)com
  • (at)identityprotection(dot)norton(dot)com
  • (at)subscriptions(dot)norton(dot)com
  • (at)zuberance(dot)com
  • (at)feelgoods(dot)com

If you ever receive email from these email ids, remember these are the companies email address and not a scam.

The company never asks for your confidential documents, OTP, pins, etc. if you face any such things or spam emails, you can send the screenshot to

The unconscious only sends promotional emails, transactional emails to maintain the customer’s relationship. It doesn’t ever ask for your personal information and shares its client’s personal information with other parties.

Is Norton pc protection email scam or legit?

Norton pc protector emails are not scam but legitimate ones. 

We declare these results with deep analysis and research.

Norton’s website is legitimate as it has a high trust score. The customer’s feedback about the site is positive, which is an active highlight. We also have seen an excellent social media presence about the website. The reviews are pretty good. 

Norton pc protection customer review:

We believe that no website or product has received 100% positive reviews. Simultaneously, the Norton pc protection email scam is not proven. has got mixed reviews from the users.

Some customers applauded the commendable protection against the virus, whereas others complained about not working on their gadgets properly. 

Hence, we cannot judge it by the customer’s reviews alone, and we have done a detailed analysis on the complete website and given our verdict.


We thereby conclude our article by stating that the Norton pc protection email scams are not proven. The emails are only received by those who have subscribed to their site to build a customer relationship.

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