Norton Security Scam Email

Norton security scam email? We read about new scams every day in the newspaper and social media. Cyber security has become a big concern for every individual in this era of online banking because our finances are under threat from scammers.

Norton is a one-platform solution for all the people in the United States. Do you need an antivirus, VPN, a protection layer, cyber security for your device? They are always available. We have given detailed information about their services in this article. Read further to know more.

What is Norton?

Norton is a cybersecurity website with multiple services of antivirus and VPN. They also help you recognize any e potential threat to your device. There are plans available for purchase. Due to the New year, they have released some exquisite offers on the website.

You have 20 days to avail of them. According to the official website, there are more than 50 million users to trust this brand.


Here are the tools and services provided by them

  • Anti-Spyware,
  • Antivirus,
  • Malware & Ransomware Protection
  • Norton AntiVirus Plus
  • Firewall for PC and Mac
  • Password Manager
  • 100% Virus Protection Promise2
  • Parental Control‡
  • School Time‡
  • Secure VPN
  • SafeCam for PC
  • Norton 360 Deluxe

It is our leading brand for cyber security and, many testing labs use it regularly. PC Mag got the title of most awarded consumer brand.

What is Norton security scam email?

Norton has passed a statement regarding some phishing emails sent by scammers in its name. They mentioned some emails or direct mail get sent by the company to keep their customers updated.

But none of them contain any personal information of the customer. To keep you safe from any scam, they have given an email address on which you can forward the attachment of the suspicious mail.


The company never asks for your credit card information through email. They do not send any link that prompts you to give confidential details. Verify email address to find out text got sent by Norton or any fraudulent source.

You are free to contact the customer support services anytime and find out about the legitimacy of the mail received.

What is the type of email sent by Norton?

Here are some of the topics that Norton discusses through emails with their customers. This information is subject to change with time and, it is for guidance only.

In case of any suspicious activity, we will strongly recommend you to contact customer care immediately.


To avoid Norton security scam email, read the point given below.

  • Notification for applications
  • Feedback and surveys
  • if your email gets deactivated
  • notification on your plans and purchase
  • text to renew your plan and some other building details
  • reminder to get your cyber security plans from Norton
  • mail for uninstalled plans
  • updated plans from the store
  • Promotion

What are the advantages of using Norton?

It is one of the most trusted brands for keeping your devices safe and your finances protected from phishing emails and security scams. Some of the services and tasks performed by them are:

  • They have advanced anti-virus protection that keeps your device and all the private and financial details secure from any real-time threat. This tool is aware of any new online scam and notifies you about any pertaining issue.
  • If you want to keep your identity hidden, use the VPN and browse security. You can even make payments and manage your finances safely by adding Bank-grade encryption.
  • They guarantee you 100% complete protection from any malware or virus. After you apply for any plan subscription. Their representative is 24/7 available for your help. In case of any damage, they are ready to give you a full refund.
  • There is a password management tool for saving any vulnerable information and credentials. They keep your credit card, passwords, and other unique codes secure.
  • For storing important files and big documents, you can use their cloud backup storage. It will keep your data protected from any mishap like drive failures and stolen devices.
  • You can control the number of notifications you want to receive from them. They notify you about the features for security. In case of any attack, they detect and protect your device from any risk.
  • It has a unique firewall for all your devices that monitors the contact between any two devices and block unauthorized users/traffic.
  • Through parental control, you can monitor your kid’s activities.
  • The safe cam for PC notifies you to disable unauthorized access to your webcam.

Is Norton worth using?

Norton security scam email has more than 50 million users and, people have benefited from their services. They are very confident about their interface and promise a full refund.

In case your device gets damaged by an infection. They have plans for PC, iPads, Android, MAX, and iPhones.


According to the official website, they blocked 142 million threats daily. To subscribe to the services, you need to purchase their plans and download them on your device.

Complete enrollment to protect your devices. All of them are recurring but, you can cancel the subscription by contacting customer care. There is a mixed review of services and products on the open sources. You shall read these comments before purchasing any of their plans.


Norton security scam email? It is a leading brand for cyber security in the United States and, some scammers main use its name for their benefit. They are provided an email address spam(at) for reporting any suspicious messages.

Meanwhile, please share your experience in the comment section. We love hearing from you.


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