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Novisor Among Us

Do you know that Novisor Among Us is not an online video game? >> Find out more about this latest release, and also read the user reviews.

Are you here to know about Novisor Among Us? In this article, you will get to know all about it and whether it is anything to do with the online video game “Among us” or not. There are millions of fans around the globe who all are crazy about this online game.

For the past few days, Novisor is the trending topic in the United States among the Among us fans, most people like you are searching to know about this character whether it is a new game launched or any other version of the game. So, without further ado, let’s know about it in detail.

What is Novisor Among us?

When we heard about it, we too were curious to know about it, so we took a deep dive into the internet and found some interesting facts about it. No visor is nothing but an animated character and about his life, how he dealt with the crewmates, and so on. 

It is a horror-fun animation known by its original name, “The legend of Novisor Among us.” As per the animation series, Aiden’s character is a legend in playing Among us online video games. He is playing the game since from when it was not popular among the fans.


He learned about this game from a veteran in 2018; in the storyline, when Aiden starts the game by following the instruction suddenly found himself stuck in a loop of the Upper Engine’s hallway. Then he decided to turn off the computer as he was running late for the party; he shuts off the PC and joins the party with friends.


A severe scenario occurs when Aiden receives a message from Novisor and been haunted by the faceless crewmates; now, he is completely trapped in the game, which he has to end. To know more, you can watch the whole episode.

About the show

  • Initial release – February 2021
  • No. of Episode – Season 1 (Episode 18)
  • Produced by – GameToons

How the gamers reacted to this series?

As it is noted that the animated series Novisor Among us received a good response because it is connected with the globally known online video game, i.e., Among us. Fans liked the series and appreciated the involvement of their much-liked online game.


Several memes have also gone on viral after this series; several YouTubers from the United States applauded the show and marked it as a hit. So, don’t miss the horror-suspense animated show and enjoy all episodes.


We all are witnesses of such films where the virtual world meets reality, and the same is happening in the Novisor Among us animated series. The show’s theme is appealing, and the main USP of the show is when Aiden (Main Character) is stuck in that world which doesn’t exist.

However, you can also share your experience with this show in the comments section.

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