White House Website Hacked

Get all the latest news about White House Website Hacked >> Know how a hacker hacked the website, also read the public reaction on this news.

The shocking news came forwarded of White House Website Hacked; the report went viral like a fire. It is a serious matter because the White House is the US president’s official residence, and cracking the security is very shocking. So, let’s find out more about the news and determine whether it is accurate or a hoax.


The United States is the most powerful country globally in military power, prosperity, and others. But awful news disturbed all when they came to know about the white house website’s hacking news. It is unacceptable when it comes to a nation’s security.

What is the news about the White House Website Hacked?

The news about the hacking shocked everyone once some information about the server breach came forward. Attacking the white house server means several data at stake, but as per the officials, the data is secured, and the attacker breached only one segment of the server.

Whatever it may, how the hackers came that close to crack down the server and enter the server of the white house. The situation can be understood because they may hack the CCTV, personal details or steal confidential information.

What is a server, and how a hacker hacked any website?


A server is like a location where you build a house; identifying that location and breaching the house’s security is not an easy job. Whenever a hacker attacks a website, they try to find out the loopholes and the weaker part of the website after tracing their access to that block and crack the file.


After fetching all the files, they replace them with their random files and leave the bug on the website. As the bug started breaking the wall of the security, then it is called hacking. As with the concern about the White House Website Hacked, the same thing happens.


But due to a confidential matter, the officials have not released all the information, but as per them, no need to worry about it.

The same attack happened before

In 2014, news came when the President network’s unofficial executive Office was attacked, where the official stated that few elements had been hacked, and the shot was state-sponsored.

This is not; there are several websites, social media accounts that have been under attack and remain on target as they are the most likely in the hacker’s list. These are easy targets as they have several sensitive matters on their mobile phones, social media pages, and another platform. These details are then further used for publicities, selling details to news networks, print media, and to destroy the image.

Public reaction on website hacked of the White House


Getting this kind of news is shocking because it somehow creates a question about ordinary people’s security. But it is not all about the security-only it can sell the data or can mold the region accordingly or control the market. 

But some caretakers service 24/7 to keep strong the wall of the security of the servers. Sometimes, it happened, although the situation is under control and the officials are taking care of it.


As per the detailed information, we hope the confusion and more explicit about the White House Website Hacked news. Meanwhile, you can share your thoughts or reaction to this news in the comment section.


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