Octo Safety Device Reviews

Octo Safety Device Reviews {Aug} 2020 – Is it safe to buy? >> It is considered as better than N95 mask

Are you sure that the N95 mask you are using can block all types of germs? Well, it is not necessary that each one you should wear an N95 mask, ordinary cotton made mask is sufficient for the regular use. Unless you are a doctor, Construction or Mining Engineer, or working in a polluted area or recommended by the doctors. In this article, we will discuss Octo Safety Device Reviews.


Octo Safety Device is a mask claimed to be better than the N95 mask; it is specially made with three protected layers. Countries in the United States and Canada, it is preferred widely in some sectors. Its design is made, such as it can work more efficiently than a regular or any special mask.

So, let’s discuss further more about the Octo Safety Device Reviews and its legitimacy.

What is Octo Safety Device?

It is a mask mostly been made for use under a critical environment; it is comfortable to wear and light in weight. The manufacturer claims that it is more reliable, efficient, and effective than any N95 mask; it passed all the essential 28 types of tests required in the United States and Canada.


The product is beneficial in today’s pandemic condition as it not only blocks the harmful germs and bacteria present in air droplets but also barricades CO2 gas releases during a fire or for workers who work in Thermal power plants. It can be used during the welding process, and for other industrial purposes. As per the company claims, it kills around 90% of harmful bacteria.

  • Site Age: More than eight months
  • Social Media Presence: Yes (Facebook)
  • SSL Certification of Website: Yes


  • It is easy to use and can be dis-infected unlimited times for reuse
  • It is for 15 years and above age according to the size of the mask
  • The body contacting material is made up of soft silicone so that you can use it for long hours
  • It is having three layers of protection; the body contact material is silver induced in it to kill germs from entering during respiration
  • It has an elastic band with a buckle, it is flexible and can be stretch according to the face size
  • The mask includes vents for air pass to avoid heat and moisture during the respiration process.
  • You can boil it, sanitize, and sterilize it after each use.

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Pros and Cons of Octo Safety Device


Pros of Octo Safety Device

  • According to the manufacturer, Octo safety device can kill even 0.1-micron antimicrobials
  • The company is offering six months of warranty from the date of purchase
  • You can return the product if it is used or having in its original packaging.
  • You could contact the company if you did not receive the refund amount within 30 days
  • The products require no change of filters; it is made to withstand 30 boil or eight autoclave cycles.
  • Frontline workers can apply for the discount coupon code
  • The company says that it is a patent product, and in one article, we founds its registered address.

Cons of Octo Safety Device

  • If we visit on the first page, we see a message of FDA approved of the product. But when we visited the Home / Products / Octo™ Respirator V1, we found a written message that it is not FDA or NIOSH approved
  • There is no physical address or email id provided for the customers
  • The product is available on Facebook, but there are no reviews by the consumers

Is Octo Safety Device legit or not?

It is essential to check the website or product, whether it is a scam or not, a trust index score, and a few other technical specifications. Whether it is Octo Safety Device legit or not, we can say that it might be possible that it is a legit one because there are some positive points like an article published about the Octo safety device, its social media page, and the relevant reports.

What is the customer saying about it?


Customer reviews are essential for any website; it shows the involvement of the consumers. As for the Octo Safety Device, we found no Octo Safety Device Reviews; there are few related videos and information available over the internet, but is no buyer’s review is available.


We pointed out every aspect of the product and concluded that the item might be legit. Still, there are no Octo Safety Device Reviews available by which we can claim its legitimacy. If you want to purchase the item, then try to get more factual information.

However, if you have used the product or have any experience with this item, you can tell us in the comment section.


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