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In this article, we are discussing is Oculus clearance.com legit? It is a brand-new site for shopping for clothes online. One of our most favorite daily essentials is our clothes. Each and everyone has a special place in our hearts for our clothes. 

It is a United States-based company. Oculus clearance.com just registered on 30th June 2021. This site is currently serving all over the US. So, read the article carefully to learn more about this site. 

What is Oculus clearance.com?

As we mentioned in the above section, it is a brand-new online clothing website based in the US. Not enough information is available about this website till now. But we spotted it as a highly affordable website for both men and women. 

Eligibility of accessing Oculus clearance.com:

  1. You have to be 18 years or above for using this site.
  2. You need to be a US citizen.
  3. You need to have a PayPal account.

Return policy of Oculus clearance.com:

  • You have to return the product within 30 days after delivery.
  • You have to repack it and keep the actual receipt on it.
  • You need to have a valid reason for applying for a return.

That’s all from our side. We just found out many details about this site because it is an actual new site just 1 week old. Read the further specification for more insightful details and doubt clearance.


  • Contact address: No information available at this moment.
  • Contact number: No information available at this moment.
  • Email: contact@oculus.com. 
  • Web portal for contact: https://support.oculus.com . 
  • Category: Online Retail.
  • Payment option: Online payment through Credit card and Debit card.
  • Payment method: PayPal.
  • Return time: 30 days.


  • Oculus clearance.com offers a large range of trendy collections.
  • Oculus clearance.com offers its collection at an affordable price.
  • Oculus clearance.com has a valid certificate of HTTPS.
  • A fast-shipping option is available.


  • No verified contact numbers are available.
  • A new website without sufficient details.
  • Not availability of various payment options.
  • Can’t find real customers.

Is Oculus clearance.com legit?

We don’t think this website is legit. Firstly, this is a brand-new website just registered on 30th June 2021. As per our research, scam website domains are always new for the timeline. 

Even we can’t find a single review from a customer. So, we consider it as a scam website. We found various suspicious activities which deducted the trust score of this site. 

And various other websites are also considering it as a scam website. So, the result is clear: this site is not legit at all.

Customer’s opinion: 

We didn’t find any traces of customers after deep research on Oculus clearance.com legit. So, there is not a single review available on the internet. 

But we found some websites that rated it 1 star out of 5 stars. We can consider this as a negative outcome.


The detail mentioned above clarifies why the website is suspicious and not having enough trust scores. So, I hope Oculus clearance.com legitissolvednow. If you still want to buy something from it, then please buy only after maintaining safety concerns. 

Firstly, it is a brand-new website, and secondly, it doesn’t have enough trust points. So, it’s all about your own decisions. 

You can also write to us in the comments section whether you find it legit or not. And let us know about your views and experiences with it. 


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