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Offerpad reviews? Are you looking for a new house or trying to sell your property? We have the perfect website that can assist you in finding your dream house at affordable prices. It allows you to sell your property at commendable deals within 10 days.

Offerpad is a trusted source in the United States with many advanced services and features. In this article, you will get all the details necessary for buying or selling any property. Read further to know more.

What is

Offerpad is a modern technology real estate purchaser and buyer that conducts appropriate analysis and provides a strategic plan for getting you the best property. It is an ibuyer with a team of numerous market experts in real estate. They make fast deals within 10 days of submitting your house.


For a price calculation, they have inhabited a dual approach of using human expertise and computer statistics.

  • This company was a bright idea founded by Jerry Coleman and his partner Brian. 
  • They had previous experience as real estate agents and knew all the hassle people need to go through.
  • To simplify it all, they created Offerpad in 2015 based in Arizona. If you are thinking of selling your house to them, you must also know about the fees they charge. 
  • It starts approximately at 7% but can vary till 10% depending on various factors.
  • In 2019, they raised and dealt with a total amount of 975 million dollars.
  • According to their marketing and strategies, it is the leading brand in real estate dealings.
  • As per our research, we found some Offerpad reviews suggesting selling the house through traditional methods. It can get you way better value than Offerpad.
  • It is due to their high fee charges.
  • You can sell the only single-family property to them.
  • All the paperwork and construction must be from after 1960.
  • The value of the house must be under 500,000 dollars.
  • The land size of the house should be below 1acre.

How to sell your house to Offerpad?

Are you thinking of selling your house to Offerpad? Here are the five main steps you must know and follow to get your property sold.

  • First, use any device with an active internet connection to access their online website Offerpad(dot)com.
  • You will find an application for sellers. Fill it correctly and submit. 
  • It has some basic questions that help them decide the value of your property. Like land area, year of construction, layout, scenic views, home utilities available, and some pictures of your house.
  • Submit all the details and wait to get an estimated value.
  • They use a modern software of Automated Valuation Model. It helps in determining the price range of your house.
  • After that, their expert team works on it to finalize the price range for the deal.
  • They will present a non-negotiable deal for which you get 4 days time period to make your decision.
  • If you are satisfied with their offer you can proceed with further instructions and even get some pros like help in moving out or 600 days stay till you find another place.
  • Then you will be asked to finish all the paper with them.
  • After this, a representative from the company will inspect your house and ask you to get appropriate repairings done.
  • You can either repair or ask Offerpad to deduct the amount from the deal amount.
  • After that, you can choose the closing date to signup the house to them.
  • You will receive the check as per your deal.

They charge a 7% of the deal amount as a service fee and, adding extra repairing charges can increase this rate to 10%.

Is legit?


Offerpad is a trusted brand in the United States and, many people have gained from their services of purchasing and selling houses. Some Offerpad reviews may suggest it to be a rigid company and, they do not negotiate with the deal price. 

The company is not making offers and paperwork with complete transparency and loses some credibility at this point. team tried to find information about their financial statements but failed as they are a privately bound organization. In the buying business, most companies purchase houses at lower prices and sell them at higher rates. 


It is to grow their brand value and expand in this competitive business line.

There is news that Offerpad is about to make some significant changes that will contribute to its credibility and lead them to immense success. They are partnering with another company.

Offerpad reviews?

Offerpad has a mixed response all over the internet. If you go by their claims, you will find them to be a leading brand in this line. But on some open platforms, they have received below-average ratings, like 2.72/5 stars in BBB.


Some people suggest that selling your property at traditional methods will get you far better deals than Offerpad.

But some people suggested that they were satisfied with the services and how quickly the deal was closed. So if you are someone who needs urgent money, then Offerpad can be a good option for you. The testimonials on the official website are impressive and altogether rated with 5/5 stars.


There are plenty of ibuyer companies available nowadays. You should weigh all your options before making any final decisions. Do read Offerpad reviews to get a better insight into their services.

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