Olive Garden Catering Menu

Today we are here to review the most demanded Olive Garden catering menu creating a significant buzz for their impeccable catering services.

Lost are the days when we could go out and dine anywhere. With the advent of the pandemic, people across the globe have been cautious and ordered services at home to stay safe. This excellent restaurant based in the United States has been serving its guests for 38 years now, and they did not fail us in these challenging times. With safety and hygiene their topmost priority, they have kept their customers satisfied throughout these years. Keep reading to find out the details of the services offered.

What is the olive garden?

Olive Garden is a casual dining American-based restaurant chain wholly-owned subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc., established in 1982 by their owner Bill Darden. For 38 years now, they have forged a strong brand for themselves and led in Italian-American cuisine.

It is headquartered in Orange County, Florida, United States, and as of 2021, it is successfully managing a chain of restaurants in 900 locations globally. The franchisee olive garden accounts for the significant amount of $3.8 billion of parent Darden’s $6.9 billion revenue.


  • Address – They are headquartered at 1000 Darden Center Drive Orlando, Florida 32837 U.S.
  • Contact details – To acquire a gift card, call 1-800-248-4935 (U.S.) and 1-888-888-3341 (Canada).
  • The customers can monitor the status of their Olive garden catering menu order by calling 1-800-248-4935 between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm EST. 
  • Call their Gift Card Center to obtain the discounted cards: 800-248-4935 for (U.S.) and 888-888-3341 (Canada) between 9 am and 8 pm EST.
  • Email address – You can monitor the status of your order by emailing GiftCardServices@GIFT.OliveGarden.com.
  • Website address – www.olivegarden.com


They are known for the world-class services they offer, and some of the efforts they take to provide utmost customer satisfaction are mentioned below:

  • They are available in multiple locations in the United States.
  • The restaurants offer lunch and dinner services at their locations and can be visited any time during the opening hours.
  • They even offer catering services for the convenience of the customers.
  • Every catering delivery order includes grated cheese, chafing kit, serving and eating utensils, table covers, plates, napkins, and after-dinner mints.
  • If there is a requirement for a chafing dish, rack, and fuel, it is available.
  • The Olive garden catering menu orders can be placed online via computer or mobile phones on their website.
  • The customers can also visit their local olive garden restaurants for detailed guidance from their experienced catering specialists.
  • They even offer car side pickup services for their catering services.
  • The customers can even get the order delivered as per their location in the United States.
  • They also have a kids menu for children of age 12 and under. The kid’s activity booklet and menu can also be availed online.
  • They cook all their meals at zero trans-fat oils. They are health conscious for tie customers.
  • They even offer services and a menu for gluten-free guest requirements.
  • They have special services and offers for the members who are a part of their e-club.
  • They offer complimentary dessert on the birthday of their e-club members who dine with them.
  • Their staff joins in to sing the happy birthday song for the guest of honor. They are very inclusive and pleasant with their customers and the services they provide. 

About the Olive garden catering menu details with the price 

They make your experience more comfortable and memorable by providing the best meals for every occasion you want. Their catering is classified into 3 categories


1. Business catering

Under the business catering, they include holiday parties, office meetings, and employee appreciations.

2. Event catering

Under event catering, they cover all the events ranging from birthdays, anniversaries, school functions, and family&friend’s gatherings.

3. Bridal catering

They are here to make your weddings more memorable by serving at rehearsal dinner, wedding, bridal shower, etc.

They are now coming to the catering menu highlights. In this section, they offer a variety of options.

  • Meal combinations

The customers can create any combination of the meals on the Olive garden catering menu as per their tastes and preferences. They have a bundle of options available to choose from.

Each combination serves 8 to 14 people. The starting rates are $12 per person and may vary as per the increase in items and the selectivity of the meal.

  • Specials for pasta lovers

Being an Italian restaurant, they have to be best when it comes to pasta. They are known for the wide variety and creativity they offer while making pasta.

The guests can demand to create their preferred pasta, and they are ready with it.

This package includes their very famous house salad and freshly oven-baked breadsticks to go with it.

The package from the Olive garden catering menu can serve in multiples of 10. The package starts at just $12.50 per person and is subject to change per the increment in preferences.

  • Individual pans

This option allows the customers to mix and match the Italian classics and create their perfect event.

The customers have an option to choose from multiple entrée options. Each tray includes a capacity that can serve 4 to 6 people.

How to get the catering order delivered?

Here we present you with comprehensive information regarding all their delivery terms and conditions.

  • The order needs to be at least placed before 5 p.m. if the customer wants the next lunch delivery. The orders placed well in advance before the event date is highly appreciated.
  • They charge a delivery fee of 10 percent on all orders from the Olive garden catering menu up to $500.
  • The order must be of minimum $50 for catering delivery to be done.
  • They provide a complimentary chafing kit if required on delivery.

Here is a brief table to give you a glance into the options they present:

Meal combinations8-14 people$12 per person
Pasta specialMultiples of 10$12.5 per person
Individual pans4-6 peopleSubject to the ordered menu

About the location


As of 2021, it is successfully operating a chain of restaurants in 900 locations globally. The countries serving globally are the United States, Brazil, Canada, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica.

They have multiple restaurants operating in the United States in various cities. To know more, we suggest visiting their web portal.

What is the customer review?

The most reliable way to find about the services and restaurant-quality is by reading the customer reviews. We looked for various responses from the guests who have dined with them and ordered from the Olive garden catering menu and got a very miscellaneous response. 

From the sample data of 6,385 comments that we analyzed, the record states that 66 percent of the total customers had given it 5 stars, and 22 percent of the guests have rated their services 4 stars. 

Another 10 percent of the customers were among the guests who rated their food and services a minor 3 stars and 2 stars. A minuscule 1 percent of the users gave it a one-star. Unquestionably, the majority of guests have loved their services. 

Krys from the United States, who visited the olive garden, said,

“She loves wine, and they paired the wine very well with the fettuccini Alfredo pasta. She craves that order almost every day and has ordered from the Olive garden catering menu on several occasions.”

One of Amanda’s guests described,

“The place to be a bit expensive but still her favorite because she loves the authentic Italian food they offer, and it is worth the expense.”

To describe in the words of Debbie, who claims it to be her favorite Italian chain and she visits it with her family, she described,


“The food to be delightful but wasn’t satisfied with the lately deteriorating customer services and wants them to retain their authenticity and continue to provide the best food.”

Among the numerous reviews that we read, most customers have complained majorly about their expensive rates. Still, they have also raved about the delicious food and authenticity they offer and have claimed it to be worth it.

The guests have also immensely enjoyed the ambiance in their restaurants, the politeness of the very friendly staff, the highly talented chefs, and the diverse Olive Garden catering menu. 

The overall team has been able to deliver a whopping 5-star service and is being appreciated by all.

When to visit?

The visiting hours for the olive garden restaurant are different for different locations in the United States. Please check the location of your restaurant for reliable information.

As per the information on the website, the restaurant is open for lunch from Monday to Friday. Customers can visit for lunch until 3 pm. They serve dinner menus on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. 

If the guest asks for dinner options on any other day, as a courtesy, they provide the lunch menu at any time. 

The restaurant cannot be visited on Thanksgiving and Christmas day, as they stay closed to enable their team member to take the day off with friends and family.


Having created a very strong and famous brand across the globe, they are being embraced immensely. They are expanding at a greater pace due to the ever-increasing customer demand. They have succeeded in retaining a solid consumer base and a loyal membership program with their e-club services. The food, ambiance, and assistance they offer are eminent. The reviews speak for their authenticity and excellent Olive Garden catering menu.

The prices are a bit on the higher side, but they are being overlooked due to other significant satisfactory features. We suggest reading about their new location projects, availability of menus, and opening timings before visiting any of the branches. Please keep sharing your views with us.


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