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Is optoutprescreen.com legit? Are you searching for an answer to this question? In this article, we will clarify all the doubts and queries about this website.

Various scam websites and companies are tricking the people of the United States. If you have opted for any credit card offer you want to cancel, this website will help you get out of any situation. These scam offers always put your credit balance and information; hence this website can come in handy while dealing with any situation.

What is optoutprescreen.com?

With the ever-advancing technology, everyone is facing threats related to their financial services. Though having a credit card is a fast and straightforward way of money transfer, they need to be handled responsibly. Some of the biggest problems faced by consumers are identity theft, fraud, and stolen credit card. 


Some banks offer facilities like pre-approved credit cards. This is not safe for the consumers because anyone who knows your email and other bank account information can easily apply for a credit card in their name. And all they need to do is picked that credit card from your mailbox, and then they can use it anywhere as they wish. 

The website optoutprescreen.com helps you to cancel any pre-approved card and saves you from many scams and frauds. They have two options for opting out of these offers of credit card and insurance. In the first offer, you can opt out for five years, and the second one allows you to opt-out permanently. 

You can avail of this information on their website or by using the toll-free number 1-888-567-8688. Even after you have opted out of these firm offers, you might still get some emails from your banks because they might have again pre-approved you.

Read further to know whether is optoutprescreen.com legit.

How to use optoutprescreen.com?


Are thinking of opt-out of the forms of credit card and insurance, these are the simple steps that you can use:

  • Please make sure that the device that you are planning to use has an active internet connection before following the further steps
  • You might have received an email regarding opt-out pre-screened dotcom, but if you are about to use their services, never use them through the links provided on your email.
  • Use the web address https://www.optoutprescreen.com to visit the official website.
  • Required to fill in some information regarding your bank account and credit card.
  • After feeling in all the information, give the website some time to process and load successfully.
  • After the new page has loaded, you will see all the offers lint to your credit card; you may also see some insurance offers.
  • Then, you can choose all the offers you need to opt-out of to keep you out of their mailing list.
  • You will be given few options to choose whether you want to opt-out of these offers for a term of 5 years do you want to opt-out of them permanently.
  • You can choose according to your preference and click the submit button.

We have followed all these steps and verified them on the website ourselves.

Is optoutprescreen.com legit?

Few of the most famous credit card reporting companies have joined hands to help consumers by creating this website optoutprescreen.com. Equifax, Transunion, Innois, and Experian have always attenuated consumers’ anxiety by assisting them in blocking their stolen credit cards and providing them information regarding all their problems. 


This website is working as a beacon for all the people who have issues related to their credit cards. We read all their policies, terms, and conditions and read many reviews from the people who earlier used this website and found that the website is SSL encrypted. We are confident about their legitimacy and suggest people visit their profile for any of their issues. 

Some people may think that they have some privacy issues because your information is shared with 4 companies working together as one. But you also need to know that all these companies together work to help you out of any of the offers on your credit card and insurance. We would suggest our readers do a background check before affiliating with this website.

User Review – Honest Response?

Generally, people in the United States don’t trust credit reporting companies and don’t want to share their personal information. Because of various security breaches that have been happening all around the globe with millions of people who have lost their money to thieves and online hackers. 

Some consumers said that you might find the website fishy at first glance because your credit information will be available to all those who offer pre-approved cards. They can efficiently run a credit report without your knowledge, but we need to trust them with our information if we want to stop getting those firm offers in our mailbox.


Some people have complained that the website asks for your security number, but we would like to clarify that it is just a method to identify the consumer. This website is an excellent tool to protect you against any future identity theft and fraud. There is no doubt about optoutprescreen.com legitimacy and is entirely safe to use.

But we would still like to ask our readers to be vigilant while using their website and services.


The answer to whether is optoutprescreen.com legit is a confident yes. You can use their services without any doubt; they may have some technical issues but are safer than most credit reporting companies. We will suggest you read their reviews and other details before associating with them.

Social media presenceNo
Trust scoreNo
Customers reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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