Patriot Power Cell Reviews

Are you looking to know about the Patriot power cell reviews? Then, in that case, this article will help you get truthful information. How long does this battery work? Is it the best in the market? Can we use it in cold temperatures? How much does it cost? These are the common questions that everyone has in their mind. We are here to answer all of these. 

It is an invention from the United States intended to provide light with the use of solar energy. In short, it is a battery and generator that is used to draw power from the sunlight. It has many features, including long life, portability, and much more. Let us look at all of them in the following sessions of this article. If you are curious enough to know, pursue reading till the end. 

What is a Patriot power cell?

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is a power generator often used for power outages in the home. It comes with 2 charging options — solar panel charging and AC outlet charging (the outlets on the primary power grid). This product is a continuation from the Patriot 1500, which famously was recalled because it kept catching fire. Please continue reading to know the Patriot power cell reviews for better understanding.

A real bonus to the people of the United States is that this power bank is water-resistant, rated IP67. This means that while you cannot submerge the charger, you subject it to a bit of water – such as rain – and it will be more than ok to carry on performing. 

This Patriot charger holds enough power in the compact unit to charge your device 3 – 6 times. This depends on the model of phone you have – phones with larger batteries will take more power, and therefore the power cell will more likely charge it three times rather than 6. It will function happily in temperatures as low as 14 degrees F/ minus 10 degrees C. It will also be happy to keep charging your devices with temperatures up to 122 degrees F / 50 degrees C and everything in between!

We will see specifications and Patriot power cell reviews in the following sessions. 


  • Capacity: 8,000 mAh
  • Solar cell: 1.5 Watt
  • Charge time: 6 hours via micro-USB charging/ 40 hours in the sun
  • Battery type: Lithium-polymer battery
  • Material: Solar panel, ABS plastic cover, silicone frame
  • Input: DC5V / 1.6A
  • Output: DC5V / 1A, DC5V / 2.1A
  • Circulate service life – 500 times, 5-6 years

How to use this power cell?

  • When you purchase the power cell, it will come with a cord. Most likely, this cord will notcharge your phone or device. This cord is designed to capture to power cell itself which is the main USP as per the Patriot power cell reviews.
  • When charging your phone or other devices, use the charging cable that it came with. There will be no issues when using these cables with this solar panel power cell. Providing the line has a USB end, it will be compatible with the Patriot.
  • The Patriot power cell is a simple device and as such, using it as a charger for other devices is simple too. 
  • There are no different specs; it doesn’t matter if your phone is Apple or Android, or anything else for that matter. Whatever it is, the portable solar charger will give it some juice! Any device that is USB compatible will work and receive Patriot power. 

The time taken to charge the Patriot power cell will depend somewhat on your conditions. If you are setting it using solar power, it will take around 40 hours to charge fully. If the sunlight isn’t great and a little cloudy, you may find it will take longer as the conditions are optimal.

Let us see the cost of this power cell and then Patriot power cell reviews. 

At what cost can you get this power cell?

  • Though the price does vary depending on sales and other things, you will be looking at paying less than £3o or $30 for one if you are in the United States.
  • 4Patriots do offer to promote the option of purchasing 4 of these solar panels power cells at the same time.
  • Because most people opt to buy more than one, this can work out to be a good deal. Shipping is free within the United States. 
  • At this price point, it does feel like the solar-powered charger is quite the steal. You get so many additional extras; it is more than just a charger with a large battery.

What are patriot power cell reviews?

In our extensive research, team have found a lot of reviews over the web which is of mixed type. Some testimonials are positive, while some are negative.

They share that the power cell is efficient, and it gives power for much longer than the usual power cells do. It is straightforward to use, even works in cold conditions. 

They say it is a solar panel, and you can charge anything like mobile, computer, and laptop. Overall, customers are satisfied. 


The Patriot power cell is a solar panel charger that offers a lot of “bang for your buck.” Patriot power cell reviews also tell that they are satisfied with the product. It is solidly built and designed to withstand the occasional drop due to its rubberized exterior. 

Mother Nature won’t stop it from being there for you either. Being IP67 rated, this solar panel patriot power bank will keep charging your devices in rain or shine. 

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