Pfizer Vs Moderna First Dose Efficacy

Do you want to know the significance of Pfizer Vs Moderna First Dose Efficacy? Then you are on the right page. We help you to give a brief detail about the efficacy of these doses on your body.

Last year, the Covid-19 pandemic became a part of our daily lives since March 2020, and more than 1 lakh new cases come in the United States. To avoid these Cases, govt is focusing on the Corona Vaccination to remove the root of this disease.

About Pfizer and Moderna First Dose:


Pfizer and Moderna are both vaccines that are specially designed to cure scary diseases, i.e., Covid-19. Both vaccines are for the same disease. It is a little bit different from WHO Recommendation. Let’s understand their differences based on the following points, which are as under:

  • Age difference: Pfizer Dose can give to people older than 16 years, whereas Moderna Dose is given to the age group of people more than 18 years. 
  • Effectiveness: Pfizer Dose is 95% effective, whereas Moderna Dose is 94.1% effective for Corona.
  • Storage Requirements: Pfizer must be stored at -94F, Whereas Moderna must be stored at -4F
  • Side effects: Side effects are more common; while taking Pfizer Dose, you may suffer from allergy, bell palsy, whereas while taking Moderna, you may have bell palsy. The common side facts while taking the doses are fatigue, muscle pain, and headache.
  • Number of doses: The time periods for both the vaccines are different. Moderna contains 30micrograms of vaccine, and it should be given for 28 days. On the side, Pfizer does contain 100 micrograms of vaccine, and it should be given for 21 days.

Pfizer and Moderna First Dose Efficacy:

The medicine proves to be a boon for Covid-19 disease. It contributes 92% role in protecting from such a dangerous disease. You will realize the impact after taking the first dose. It helps in protecting against several infections and diseases as per theUnited States research study.

Who should go for these medicines first?


Health workers and older people are at a higher risk, so they should be vaccinated first compared to other persons. It doesn’t mean that other persons don’t require the vaccination. Vaccination should also be necessary for other persons like breastfeeding women, HIV People, cancer, diabetics’ patients, and many more.

Who should not take these medicines:

The people suffering from allergies and under 16 years are advised not to take the medicines as per the research.

Are the medicines safe?


Pfizer Vs. Moderna First Dose Efficacy has a great impact on life. Both the medicines are safe as per the quality, safety analysis by the WHO. We recommended our readers to go for the medicine except for the one who is getting an allergy after taking the first dose of it.

Why Pfizer and Moderna First Dose needed?

As per the research and analysis, it was found that both medicines are necessary to strengthen your immunity system of the body. But Pfizer and Moderna First Dose Efficacy is not sufficient for you to boost the immunity system. You have to take the second dose as well.



In the end, we concluded that yes first dose of Pfizer and Moderna is 92 % effective for preventing Covid-19 as per the United States study. But we have to keep other health measures like wearing a mask in public, maintaining 6 feet distance, and washing our hands regularly.

Have you taken the Pfizer and Moderna Dose? What was your experience? Please shared with us.


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