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Phoera Foundation Reviews by 50+ Customers

Read the phoera foundation reviews before placing an order?The products received a 75% trust score. However, few are still confused about it?

Makeup products and their variety always confuse users about choosing the best one. Their variations are limited in the different products, but they have variations in their categories.

Here we are with a foundation brand highlighted in the chart and grabbing makeup artists’ and users’ attraction. We conducted deep core research about this brand’s facts and made you aware of such different and crucial points about the specific products.

About the phoera foundation?

When it comes to choosing something, we need to apply to our skin, we get very conscious and search for reviews. That’s why we are here with phoera foundation reviews to clarify all your doubts.

Its main attraction is its complete coverage foundation and soft and hydrating bade. Most people come across a different foundation, which is dry in base and didn’t give a good even finish and a caky look.

But according to this company, the outlook of this foundation is natural, and it gives hydration into the skin and doesn’t look dry. They also claimed that it covered all blemishes and uneven patches of skin because it is a full-covered cosmetic.

This product is widely available on their official website and other e-commerce websites and cosmetic portals. No issues with shortage of supply. Though some shades are uncommon the pre-order option is a savior. More than twenty different shades are available.

What are the different ingredients available in this product?

There are a lot of products available in it which are,


What are the popular shades of these foundation brands?

In this phoera foundation reviews, we also shared the different shades of this product which are popular to let users know the best.

  • Porcelain
  • Nude
  • Warm Peach
  • Buff Beige
  • Sand
  • Warm Sun
  • Honey
  • Tan
  • Mocha
  • Truffle


  • Categories: Makeup
  • Product: foundation
  • Base: liquid
  • Price: $14.99
  • Available in bottles


  • This product is a vegan and cruelty-free product.
  • This is a fully covered foundation with soft solutions.


  • Cost a bit more than other competitor products.
  • Sometimes it takes time to set the products on the face.

What are the phoera foundation reviews?

We conducted deep research on all kinds of reviews and mixed reactions from the customers. However, the company is claimed that this is suitable for all skin types, but the product is not well suited for sensitive skin. Some people faced dryness-related issues.

But, apart from that, 80% of responses are good, and everyone is delighted with the product. People say this product is accurate because they find the difference between a regular foundation and this full coverage foundation. We marked it legit with a 75% score.

Also, Amazon and Trustpilot are showing mixed reactions and three stars to this phoera foundation reviews. The ratings are satisfying.


Parameters Remark
Trust score 75%
Social media presence Yes
Customer opinion Yes

The product is working and suitable for dry, oily, and normal skin, but it is slightly ineffective on sensitive skin. So, it is better to choose this product after judging your skin type. You can try this product without any worry and buy it from any well-known website.

Please leave your valuable opinion on phoera foundation reviews in the comment section below.


  1. What are the different features of this product phoera foundation?

    Long-Lasting, Waterproof, and Sweat-Proof Oil Control Formula. Stay On All Day And No Cake Up Or Crack. Provide An Intense, Exquisite, and Smooth Look. Help Treat And Prevent Acne Breakouts. Perfect For Any Skin Color And Age. Easy to apply and100% Cruelty-free.

  2. What is the essential tip for usage?

    Be sure to shake well before use. First, prepare your skin with many moisturizers; the foundation will rest better on well-hydrated skin and not be uneven. Most customers get two shades (one lighter, one darker) and combine them until they reach the desired results.

  3. What are the return policies?

    Due to the nature of the product, they cannot accept returns for any items that have been opened or used. However, if you return the item unopened, they will be more than willing to work with you.

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