Picrew Roblox

Picrew roblox is an online image-maker platform where you can create your personalized avatar and express your creativity and use it to play through your Roblox account.

Roblox is a famous online multiplayer game that allows players and developers to create their games and play the games created by others. Along with this, the website has also gained popularity worldwide due to being one of its kind.

This platform offers a feature that has never been introduced before, and thus, it has become a point of discussion among the gaming communities online. The players and developers are excited to use it.


So let us scroll till the end to read more about this exciting platform and the reviews from the users.

What is Picrew?

Picrew roblox is a digital platform created by Tetrachroma Co., Ltd., which provides a unique service to its users by offering them an avatar-building feature by which they can create their creative personalized selves for their Roblox gaming accounts. This 

This is now your go-to website through which claims to offer its users a platform to create their avatars for Roblox games with their imagination and express their creativity.

The most exciting part is that it also allows the user to use these avatars and the ones created by others to appear as themselves in the Roblox game. You can also customize your avatars anytime you want.


With the launch of many exciting features for Roblox, this website also got a lot of attention worldwide from the Roblox players, developers, and overall, every gaming enthusiast because of its impressive performance.

How does Picrew operate?

Picrew Roblox can help you create various illustrations for your Roblox account. You can have access to your illustrations and the ones done by the other players and creators as well.

This feature also allows you to customize your avatar or character whenever you want to play with the other one, and you can also disable it. 

There is also one limitation to the Picrew Roblox image-maker platform. It only allows the built avatars and illustrations until its limit allowed by the creator and Picrew.


And this limit cannot be exceeded as the permission for the range of usage of the avatars or illustrations has already been selected by both parties beforehand.

How to create your avatar in Picrew roblox?

This website also offers you a feature to learn and understand how to create your avatar or character for your Roblox account. You can also follow the steps mentioned below to create your avatar easily-

  • Open your search engine and enter https://picrew.me/image_maker/235661
  • Once you access the website, a message in the Japanese language will appear on your screen, which you can convert into another language of your choice
  • Choose the items, color, structure and use every feature to create your avatar
  • You can also customize your avatar
  • Click the download button

User Review

This platform allows users to create avatars for their Roblox accounts. Beginners can also operate it.

The users can also customize their avatar using this avatar-builder platform by putting together various colors, items, and objects of their own choice to create a different graphic or character for their Roblox account. This gives a unique identification to the players’ Roblox accounts and makes their gaming experience enjoyable.


The users expressed one issue with the website that its entire content is available only in the Japanese language. Moreover, this website does not even support the content to be accessed in other languages.

So the players have to keep using a translator to use this website to create their avatars which can be pretty tiresome sometimes for them.


After reading the above information, we would like to conclude this article with the verdict that the website is a one-stop destination to turn your artistic imagination into reality for your Roblox game avatars. According to our research, the website is compatible only with mobile devices, so the users cannot access it on their laptops, computers, or tablets very efficiently.

The policies and terms of the website are also easily accessible and sufficient to prove that it is legitimate and trustworthy. Leave a reaction and ask us a question in the comment section. Do not forget to share what you think about the scam and its additional information down below!


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