Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Know the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond? Know the strength and weakness of your Pokémon. Also, read which Pokémon you must use against another?

Pokemon games and their variations are always there to amaze us. Through all these years, pokemon gaming sectors are coming with different gaming innovations and remakes. Some games are based on mystery, and some focus on adventure, card trading, etc.

Pokemon is a cartoon series that holds generation after generation towards them. They are always there to entertain us with their new cartoon ventures, movies, games updating, and indoor card game. Wherever you see, whether online or offline, you can spot pokemon related stuff everywhere.

What is Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

Now, the question is about the brilliant diamonds. However,h this is one remake of the pokemon diamonds game—this game launched newly in 2021 with some new features. There are different things available. This game is based on the city Shinnoh, an island of Hokkaido.


The game revolves arroun4that specific island of Hokkaido. However,h the new remakes of pokemon Diamonds have a more vast collection of Pokemon. We will share all the information about Pokémon and their power, mainly Pokemon Brilliant Diamond’s weakness.

Hopefully, you know how important it is to see the weakness and strength of the strength of your weakness. Moreover, the major trump card will know your opponent’s strengths and weaknessesIt leads you to another level of games. That’s why we are here to provide you with different information worthy of your gameplay.

Power and Weakness of Pokemons:

whiscash weakness & strength

whiscash weakness & strength? When it’s come to Whiscash’a weakness, we need to remember that there is no such weakness available of it, or they are doesn’t matter. Because this is a water-type Pokemon, they have immune power if a ground-type animal. They are resistant to Electric attacks, and they can combat easily against steel, rock, and fire types of Pokemon. All of them are only partially effective on the whiscash.

Lucario weakness & strength

Lucario weakness & strength?is a steel-type pokemon. The most significant weakness is that they are fragile and lazy on all essential activities like fighting and showing others the move. They are weak against the group, fire, and fighting type Pokemon. This Pokemon is common in Pokemon versions of pokempnBrilliant diamonds and pokemon SP. If you want to attack them, you need to choose a fire, Ground, or fighting Pokemon. (You are reading article on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond)

gastrodon weakness & strength

Gastrodon weakness & strength?is both water and Ground-type Pokemon, and that’s why it is comparably strong to others. However, the most effective type of Pokemon is grass on them. If you want to win the game, use a grass type of Pokemon. It is available on the pokemonBrilliant Diamond game.

garchomp weakness & strength


garchomp weakness & strength? They are one of the strongest Pokémon of the team Shono. They are dragon-type Pokemon. Though it is tough to find its weakness, we need to say the Pokemon is weak in front of the water-type pokemon in Pokemon brilliant diamonds.

drifblim weakness & strength

drifblim weakness & strength? It is a ghost-type Pokemon that can also fly. They are not strong and quickly get weal against another ghost-type Pokemon belonging to rock, dark, and Electric. 

They didn’t combat in front of thunder attack, Blizzard attack, shadow ball, and other force moves. Bug Pokemon poisonous Pokemon are partially effective on them, and this ghost pokemon will highly lose its power in front of Gengar, another ghost pokemon.

Milotic weakness & strength

Milotic weakness & strength? This is a water-type member of the pokemon family. Though this Pokemon is not weak like other water Pokemon, the same technique will not apply to the pokemon Brilliant Diamond in this genre. 

It is only a bit weak in front of the Electric-type.. apart from the Electric-type, there is a steel type that also can damage this Pokemon properly. The immunity system of this Pokemon is robust, and Luxray is also very much effective in front of this Pokemon. 

Hippowdon weakness & strength


Hippowdon weakness & strength? is a not-so-famous and unique Pokemon that belongs to a mono Ground genre. This Pokemon’s weak competition with ice, grass, and water-type Pokemon, and the fire-type Pokemon doesn’t harm it well.

The ice, Thunder, and bite are the best to attack this kind of Pokemon. Flying types of Pokemon are not so good and appropriate against them.

Girafarig weakness & strength

Girafarig weakness & strength? Now it is time to unveil the Truth of Psychic Pokemon. among the tall grass, fire, and ground type, they are the only ones who have different aspects that excite the gamers more than any other type. The mysterious power of this Pokemon is enough to bombast anyone’s mind.

The most dangerous Pokemon are bug and dark type pokemon. If you play with another pokemon in front of them, you will surely lose the match. Because you never know how Psychic Pokemon attack everyone and their next move.

Sudowoodo weakness & strength

Sudowoodo weakness & strength?Now, it is the type to know the weakness of rock-type Pokemon. The Sudowoodo is a strong rock-type pokemon, and this Pokemon is not a Pseudo-wood pokemon. So, Don’t fall into the trap. 


This Pokemon is only weak against grass-type attacks Nd fire-type attacks. Nothing else will work right other than these two. Somehow, the steel type of Pokemon can also survive, but no other pokemon will prevail against it.

Alakazam weakness & strength

Aakazam weakness & strength? Now, we are here with the information about the most complex Pokemon. This Pokemon is a mixture of ghosts and physic. Dark-type Pokemon who have strong strength at least compete with them. The moves of these Pokemon are complex, and that’s why it is hard to find what are their weaknesses.

The most commonly used power of them is Psychic power, and that’s why the opponent will easily confuse and lose in front of them.


Primarily, all weaknesses of the main Pokemon are disclosed in this Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. So, carefully go through the facts and remember them to win the game. 

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