Pokemon Unite Pre Register Bonus

Hey, Pokemon fans heard about the Pokemon unite pre register bonus? This game is currently trending on the list of top games. The computer version is available right now. They are also planning to launch this game on iOS and Android. Lots of gamers are waiting for this golden opportunity. Many new questions are arising in the minds of gamers. They are continuously searching for various information related to it.

We are boosting up our energy and conducting in-depth research about this matter. We analyze many aspects related to this pre-registration and bonus for your better understanding. We will serve you each new and worthy information from what it is to the process of registration and hidden facts about the bonus. Excited? Hold your excitement and be with us.

What is Pokemon unite?

Pokemon unite is an online video game. Pokemon unite is a free game to play. TIMI studios launched this MOBA game to satisfy the entertainment needs of new gamers. This game is widely available on Nintendo Switch to download. 

This game has so many new and exciting features to explore throughout the game. We are also focusing on the important matter of the Pokemon unite pre register bonus.

All New and polished features of this game? 

We create a detailed list of the news, including features and other exciting formations. Please go through it to learn more about it:

  • You can control pokemon characters in a strategic battle lineup.
  • You can also be allowed to play team battles.
  • The progression of the battle round gives the ability to monsters to evolve more and implement more strong powers in the game.
  • In this game, you can dress up your Pokemon as per your own choice with many kinds of costumes, dresses, sunglasses, and floral dresses.
  • It also has some exciting legends of league battle games.

What is the release date of Pokemon unite? 

We are moving to the most exciting and informative part of the article, which is the Pokemon unite pre register bonus. Hopefully, you all are waiting for this part eagerly. We serve all updated and accurate info about it.

The company is planning to release it on July 22 for the Android and iOS platforms. You can log in to the same profile which you have been using all these years. They upload a new feature of login into the mobile application.

Brief details of the Pokemon unite pre register bonus: 

There we are disclosing all rewards related to this pre-registration process. This platform includes three kinds of rewards to access. One million pre-registration, two million pre-registration, and five million pre-registrations. We also reveal all tickets actions.  

  • One million pre-registrations – 1,000 Aeos tickets are available for this.
  • 2.5 million pre-registrations – Pikachu’s unite license was granted for this action.
  • Five million pre-registrations – Festival Style Pikachu is the reward of this action.

How to get yourself registered?

You need to make sure you pre-register on Google Play or the App Store, as when the game reaches different pre-registration goals, you’ll receive various gifts.

  • Firstly, go to Google Play or App store too.
  • Then search for Pokemon unite.
  • Click on the icon and hit the pre-registration option.
  • After registering yourself, you will receive all rewards when the game reaches its specific goal.

Even when you log in on the Nintendo Switch before August 31, you’ll receive a Zeraora that can also be used on mobile.

Amazing rewards and easy procedures, and amazing games. It is a combo pack of all.

Pre-register bonus deadline: 

A bunch of cool Pokemon unite pre register bonus waiting for you on the way to the game. The start date of pre-registration is September 22, and the end date is October 31, 2021. You need to be a quick and active person to unlock all rewards.


This article is all about Pokemon unite. We analyze each section to its core and present a detailed article for all our readers. Expectedly, this article will help you to clear all matters about the Pokemon unite pre register bonus.

You can share your thoughts and doubts in the comment section. We are waiting to count on your feedback. 


Q1. Is this game related to crossplay? 

  1. Yes! The Pokémon Company has confirmed that mobile and Switch players will be able to play Pokémon Unite together. Though we are not sure what this means concerning cross-progression on the two platforms, we’ll update this article with more information as it becomes available.

Q2. How many phases are available in this pre-registration process? 

  1. Totally four individual phases are available in the entire pre-registration process, which will be conducted until the end of this year.

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