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Powerswabs reviews? A smile is the best curve on the body and, we must take care of it. White teeth not only make your smile beautiful but also represent a healthy lifestyle.

People of the United States look for various ways to brighten their teeth and spend thousands of dollars doing so. In this article, we will discuss a new brand powerswab that has products to whiten your teeth. It is easy and fasts with many other advantages. Read further to know.

What is powerswabs.com?


Powerswab is dealing in an advanced teeth whitening system. It was launched in 2008 with a new tooth whitening technology by Dr. Martin Giniger. He is a celebrated dentist with many remedies for teeth whitening and sensitivity. They have many kits to give you that perfect smile instantly.

After reading powerswabs reviews, you can be sure of their credibility. Some aspects of the website:

  • This product uses clinically approved ingredients. They reach between the enamel and break bonds between stains present on the teeth’ surface.
  • An advantage of this swabs is that it works on both artificial and natural teeth.
  • It’s one box that contains seven stains out swabs. There are no messy trays or strips required.
  • Easy and fast to use. It does not damage your enamel or produce sensitivity.
  • You can see results in 5 minutes.
  • On average, you can get six shades of whiter teeth in one week.
  • If you order through a TV commercial, you are eligible for a 40% discount, free shipping, and an exciting gift.
  • They offer free shipping on all products.
  • Customer images posted show the difference after using the swabs.
  • Coupons and discounts are applicable on orders of 59.90 USD or more.


  • No contact address is mention on the online store.
  • This email CustomerCare@SheerScience.com is present for queries. Expect a response within two business days.
  • The customer care number given is (800) 535-4693.
  • This online website gets hosted on the Mojo enterprise e-commerce platform. It is a safe platform for sharing your details.
  • You have any issue with the product or do not receive satisfactory results. You can return the product with 30 days with all the accessories.
  • Shipping and handling fees vary as they depend on product size, weight, and quantity. You will see the cost displayed during checkout.
  • Currently, Power Swabs offers free shipping on orders over $50 domestically. 
  • You can make payments through VISA, AMEX, and another credit card.


  • Hassle-free delivery without Shipping charges.
  • Worldwide available product.
  • Ingredients are clinically approved and show good results.
  • No messy trays and strips are needed.
  • User-friendly return policy with multiple payment options.
  • Visible results within a week and, it is used on natural as well as artificial dentures.
  • Provide valid social media links


  • No contact address.
  • They have not mentioned the ingredients used, so we cannot be confident about the side effects.
  • The customer care services are under satisfactory.
  • It has not gathered much clout on social media. They have only 747 followers on Instagram.

Is powerswab legit?

After much contemplation, we found no evidence that can prove the illicitness of this brand. Their product is available on Amazon and several other stores too. There are several powerswabs reviews also available on these stores. We read their terms and policies but found no sketchy statement.


It is a brand started by a famous dentist, Dr. Martin Giniger who was an honest and well-reputed man.

The product does have some issues and does not reach the high standard set by them. We will suggest you do a background check before affiliating with them. Do not use any product without the proper consultation of your doctor.

Powerswabs reviews by the customers?

Several testimonials are upload on the official website to gain customer trust.  One of them stated that he is a practicing dentist and uses these products on his patients to clean and polish teeth.


He uses this as a remedy for stain teeth before scaling to make his work time efficient. You can go through the testimonial section on the website to watch several videos posted on it.

We found that powerswab is rated 2.5/5 stars on Amazon. Only 17% of people gave it 5 stars and 45% gave 1 star. People were disgruntled with the results and Beware others of their deceptive script. Most of the people were disappointed with the outcome after using this product.

They strongly recommended not to waste your money. We will suggest our readers go through the authentic customer feedback present on open platforms before making any substantial purchase.



They have created an influential label for themselves and have a good marketing strategy. Due, to this they have gathered clout in US but, powerswabs Reviews suggest it to be less effective.

We will like to see if they can increase their credibility in the future. Readers must weigh their options before making any choice.

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