Pure Digital Store Reviews

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There is a great demand for electronic gadgets and accessories among the youngsters in every country. A new online store, Pure Digital Store, has come forward with branded watches, blue tooth, and headphones, etc. Pure Digital Store Reviews provide a survey of the company so that scammer websites may be refrained from betraying the innocent natives.

Pure Digital Store is one of the websites that sell only electronic goods. This website is based in India. It offers a discount on trendy watches that can easily lure Indian customers. Let find out whether it is Pure Digital Store legit or not?

What is Pure Digital Store?

Pure Digital Store is a newly emerging e-commerce company. It is known for selling Digital watches, Blue tooth, Headphones, and other music accessories. The e-commerce company provides branded gadgets from companies like Sony and JBL, known for selling the best products.


  • A new website with a domain date as recent as 16 December 2020
  • The company is using a secure HTTPS and SSL connection. 
  • Very few articles are sold. They are watches, Bluetooth, and Headphones.
  • No facility of paying through Visa card, Maestro card or Pay pal
  • A detailed description of the products available such as battery capacity, charging mode, water-resistance.
  • Customers are offered a choice in color and size of the products. 
  • Only cash accepted at the time of delivery of goods 
  • No refundable and exchange policy
  • Buyers can contact us at 1800-235-666 for more details. 
  • Free Shipping available in India
  • The company lacks any account on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Customers can contact me at the email address care@puredigitalstore.com.
  • The clients are advised to buy products after analyzing and reading the Pure Digital Store Reviews. As many online stores are selling trendy watches and other electronic devices, it is recommended to purchase the products from legit websites.

Pros of Pure Digital Store 

  • HTTP connection suggests secure connection 
  • The website sells high-quality products 
  • Discount offered on some products 
  • The customers can pay in cash after getting their goods
  • The website offers free Shipping in certain areas

Cons of Pure Digital Store

  • A new website can’t be trusted for buying valuable products 
  • No physical address of the company available 
  • It is difficult for a company to get popularity in such a short time 
  • Domain purchased only for one year going to expire on 16 December 2020
  • No review section available
  • The website doesn’t offer any refund and exchange policy
  • No account available on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • The customers are advised to buy watches and headphones after going through Pure Digital Store Reviews and other analyses.

Is Pure Digital Store Legit or Not?

No company can show its legitimacy in such a short time as only one month. It takes time to gain popularity and win the trust of the buyers. However, it is not advisable to do shopping from a website that has not proved its worth. 

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It takes time for a new e-commerce site to get buyers in a short time. This store is offering a discount in the festival season with Christmas and New Year just fortnight way. A new website offering discounts and different types of offers creates suspicion in itself.

Customer Reviews  

With no review section available or allowed for the customers, it is difficult for a new company to get the buyers. The new customers will buy the goods only when they come to know about the store’s popularity through positive reviews. 

With the ‘About us’ section missing, the owners can’t win new clients to sell their goods. The customers will waste their money by shopping from an inauthentic store. 


Pure Digital Store reviews suggest that the website is not popular and reliable to buy gadgets. The trust score of the company is low. Social media accounts play an essential role in winning the trust of buyers. Thus, clients should prefer other websites to buy trendy goods.

Please share your experience with this website whether you faced any issue or not.

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