Purely pets insurance reviews

In this write-up, we will highlight the purely pets insurance reviews. We provide all the related details and information about the topic. With deep research, we provide genuine and unbiased reviews of the article. 

It is a United Kingdom firm which makes insurance policies for all kinds of pets. We will see more details about it further.

About purely pets insurance

It is an insurance agency which is based in the United Kingdom. It has made insuring pets easy, transparent, and reliable. They offer a variety of life policies. Purely pets have a great customer service helpline number which is functional 24/7. 


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The online policy management and portal gives the user the benefits of managing the policy anytime, anywhere. Let us see some purely pets insurance reviews later.

Purely pets insurance in brief

It is modestly contrasted insurance with the normal expense of pet protection in the UK market. Lifetime cover begins from around £27.50 per month or £330 every year. since inclusion levels, internal cutoff points, and overabundance sums fluctuate across safety net providers.

Assuming you’re bantering between say the high degree of bronze cover (£5k) and the base degree of Silver (£6k), it seems like the silver arrangement can make much better worth—in our example quote, you’d pay quite recently under 50p per month to hop up to Silver.


 And this builds your general vet charge limit as well as far as possible on numerous classes PLUS gives expert analytic cover. It’s a comparable circumstance for the high degree of Silver (£10k) versus the base degree of Gold (£11k). Please continue reading for Purely pets insurance reviews.

What are the different types of policies available in purely pet insurance?

There is a paws and claws policy with three life insurance pillars. This is one of the best insurances you can get for your pet. 

We know that life insurance covers all financial expenses of recovery, disease, and other natural calamities that happen to pets.


There are three categories in which purely pet insurance policy is divided:

  1. Purely pets’ bronze– this policy is available for £1000 to £5000 that is to be renewed every year to cover any injury or disease. It does not cover special examination charges like MRI or Ct scan. It covers death in insurance time or any accidental injury expenses.
  2. Purely pets silver policy– This policy covers £6000 to £10000 and covers special examinations like CT scans and MRIs. It is better than the purely pets bronze insurance.
  3. Purely pets Gold– This premium policy gives most of the benefits. It covers £11000 to £15000 of yearly vet fee limits. It will cover almost all calamities.

How long does it take to start the insurance?

It starts immediately after the 14 days of the policy being formed and covers the injuries within 48 hours.

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How to contact purely pet insurance?

  • Phone number- 0330 102 5748
  • Email- info(at)purelypets(dot)com
  • For canceling the policy, you can mail at cancellations@insurancefactory.co.uk. 

Is purely pet insurance legit?

We will declare this site as genuine and legitimate with deep research and analysis. We have seen a few points which prove the legitimacy of the site. 


They are as follows:

  • The purely pets insurance reviews are excellent.
  • The trust score of the website is satisfactory.
  • We have a good social media presence.
  • Purelypetsinsurance.com is protected with HTTPS protocol.

Hence, the website is legitimate and safe to use.

What do purely pets insurance reviews by the clients?

The website has received a whopping 4.1 stars from the customers. It indicates that it has received lots of praise from pet owners. It is a great insurance policy for pets and covers all the calamities as per the chosen policy. 

There are some bad reviews that state that the customer’s service is quite slow in sorting complaints. Rest, everything is fine with the company, and the majority of the clients are satisfied. 


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