Tuesday, April 20, 2021

RebootafriendFortnite com

When we talk about games, our mind comes up with various names that we have probably heard. Psychologically and scientifically proven fact is that you can improve your mind and IQ by playing games. Gamer’s IQ is higher than ordinary people’s. This article is about a gaming website and a feature called rebootafriendFortnite com. In which the first half is the feature, and the rest is the name of the website.

This is the United States based platform famous for games. In the world, people have different types of tastes in games. Game developers have also tried their best to cover almost all the genres in gaming: horror, action, thriller, mystery, puzzles, and many more varieties in the market. There is no way anyone can resist playing games.

What is Rebootafriend ?

There are ups and downs in games as well. Because of the wide range of options, it is hard for the developers to keep their gamers hang on to their game. Rebootafriend is a feature provided by Epic Games, i.e., the United States game developer company, to bring back the game Fortnite. Fortnite is an adventure game that involves anime characters of humans, animals, and weapons.

It also provides free rewards for players who did not play the game for more than 30 days. RebootafriendFortnite com could become a hit milestone in the gaming world. It has returned with the launch of a new chapter and new season. This became an opportunity to bring the spark in the gaming friends to come together again and play the game.

How to participate in rebootafriend

  • First of all, the player has to visit the website to reboot a friend
  • The user has to select three friends who want to reboot their game
  • They have to play games together to gain more rewards and points
  • Win-win for both



Types of rewards they can earn

They can earn four types of rewards from rebootafriendFortnite com: the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe (2 variants), Heartbeat wrap, Reboot Spray, and Toxic Flash Glider. These rewards are not at all exclusive for now. However, exclusive rewards might be available in the future for gamers.

  • This is available from 6th April at 3 AM ET to 26th April 2:59 AM ET (2021)
  • Rewards will reflect in the account within seven days following the process of unlocking
  • When the first game is played with the rebooted player makes players on both sides earn 100 points
  • After getting 100 points as a first game bonus, every game after that will be reward 10 points

Eligibility and limitations of rebooting the players

  • Those players should be a part of your friend’s list
  • Players who did not play the game for more than 30 days or more can only be rebooted
  • One player can reboot three players at a time in rebootafriendFortnite comIn case of having no friends on the friend’s list, one can still earn 10 points per game
  • The first game bonus is only available for those who rebooted others from their friend’s list
  • Adding or deleting friends from the friend’s list will not take the leverage of rebooting


We have gathered all the information found on the Internet about rebootafriend feature. Do let us know your thoughts after reading this article if this feature is effective or not. Although earning free rewards just by rebooting a friend is not a bad call for anyone. 

The main agenda of this feature is profitable for all. Gamers can enjoy new prizes, rewards, and unity while the developers will gain profit by earning more players on board for their game. Please write us in the comment section below.

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