Revco Solutions Legit

Revco solutions legit? It is a debt collector company with a brand name working for a long time. This informative article will guide you to verify its legitimacy.

People of the United States see it listed on their credit reports as they have some unpaid bills. It is a new name that people might doubt. In this article, we will get you out of any predicament to help you decide their authenticity. Read further to know more.

What are revco Solutions?


Revco Solutions has its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and works as a revenue management, debt collection company. It got formed by longshore capital after partnering with a Professional recovery consultant (PRC) and CBCS. Generally, you might come across this name on your credit report if you have some unpaid bills. 

Some aspects of the company:

  • You might not have heard their name in this business before but, they got established in 1979. They have worked successfully in other industries.
  • PRC and CBCS joined hands in 2019 to make revco Solutions a success.
  • They receive billions of debts every year.
  • The company believes in giving the best customer service and high performance.
  • They have been successful up to now because they depend on many resources as leverage.
  • You don’t need to worry about your data security because they have the best systems to maintain trust.
  • Their staff deal with all your problems and solve any queries.
  • Their sectors are healthcare, government, utilities, and finance in the United States.
  • The e-mail address present for contact is

Are you wondering if revco Solutions legit?

How to pay bills on revco Solutions?


Have you received any unpaid bill notice from revco? If so, we have a guide to help you clear your debt. Some people may suggest that paying it can adversely affect your credit score for a long time. They ask you to remove it from your credit report in illegal ways. 

So we will recommend you do some research before following these steps:

  • Use any device active internet connection.
  • Go to the browser and search revco Solutions in the designated box.
  • Load the page completely.
  • Go through the entire website and read the terms and policies.
  • You will see an option to pay bills on the top of the homepage.
  • Click it!
  • As you are a new user, you will need to use the access code printed on the notice sent to you.
  • Write it in the designated box then, type your username and password.
  • Follow the prompts to make payment through any method available. You can contact them on 8552020113 for more queries.

Revco Solutions legit?

Revco is a small debt collector agency but, it has some reliable affiliates. So, we think it is a legitimate source. They have provided a secure environment for paying debts and, none of your information gets shared with any third party. All the necessary information about the company is available on the website. They have mentioned their contact information for better engagement. It is certified by BBB, which increases its credibility.


With terms and conditions, they have given a know your right section according to the states. If you want to get regular updates of E-News, you can sign up through your e-mail. We did not find any red flags that might make us wonder if they are authentic or not. But you shall do some research on your part before making any decision.

What are the revco Solutions reviews?

BBB received around 114 complaints in the last three years and, 53 of them got successfully dealt with till now. We read those complaints to know if revco Solutions legit or not. Some people were mistakenly sent to revco, even though their debts were clear. They have appealed for a correction in their credit report. 

A customer responded that revco tries to collect debt for Mclearam health facilities. But the authorities have claimed to have no association with them and, all bills get included in the payment plan. So revco has no right to it.


There were not many reviews on open sources so, we only came across these complaints. But we will like to go a Lil lenient on the harsh Reviews. Let us see how they perform in the future.


Are Revco Solutions legit? It is certified by BBB, so we think it is an authentic source. But we did not find enough reviews to pass any judgment for it. Look through the website and read their policies.

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