Rizy.ir scam

Is rizy.ir scam? There are many ways to earn money online but, most of them trick us and are highly dangerous for our devices. 

Many fraudulent are popping up in the United States, claiming to give money if users perform some tasks. Any domain with such claims is under the suspicious radar and, you need to do a background check before investing your time in them. In this article, we will get you out of the predicament by providing you with all the information regarding them.

What is rizy.ir?

Rizi is an online portal that helps you shorten links so that you can share them easily anywhere you want. But, it also rewards users with money for using their services. You can start earning by creating your account and start shrinking the links. 

Then all you need to do is share these links and earn points as Tomans. The minimum number of tomans to withdraw money is 8000. You can shorten the links directly or by using a revenue-generating function. They have many other services which can help you to edit and delete links. 

You can also view any links traffic statistics. That can help you judge the credibility of any platform. The dashboard has many advanced tools for shortening links like a short collector, web service API, script code, etc. These claims of the website may be hard to believe. Read further to know rizy.ir scam?

How to use rizy.ir? 

If you want to shorten your links and earn money using rizi, follow these steps below:

  • You can use any device that has an active internet connection to follow the further steps.
  • Visit the official web page by using the web address www. Rizy. Ir and wait for some time to load it completely.
  • You will see many options available on the platform.
  • If you want to shorten your link, you can use the designated box for it. Type the link that you need to short and press enter.
  • You will get the desired output after some time.
  • But if you want to use the advanced tool and earn money, you can create your account.
  • Click on the register button to start your account. It will take you to another webpage.
  • On this page, you will have to enter your name, email address, and password. Then press continue.
  • You will have to enter your Facebook account username and password to link it. You can also use any other option available.
  • Then press okay and give it some time to intercept the information.
  • Your account is created successfully and, you can use it to earn money by shortening links. 
  • Use the dashboard to avail of the advanced tools.
  • Once you have collected more than 8,000 tomans, you can withdraw them into your bank account by providing your credit card information.

Conditions applicable on the links

  1. Links that contain immoral content and are contrary to Islamic law and the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran will not be accepted.
  2. Links that insult the different ethnicities, nationalities, and languages are not accepted.
  3. Any action that causes an increase in users’ income for no reason is considered a violation.
  4. Any change in the system codes that changes displaying advertisements are considered a violation.
  5. Shortening any unauthorized links and attempting to earn money from unauthorized sites and unauthorized files are considered a violation. If the user’s account is a view without notice, it will be blocked entirely.

Is rizy.ir scam?

So many people in the United States use shortening link services for sharing data every day. This website seems like a beacon of hope for them and a way to earn money. We went through the entire website and did a comprehensive analysis. 

All the content is written in Persian and translated into English as it belongs to Iran. Its owned by Milad Rezaei and, you can contact him on +98 935 522 1912 and email at milad72r@gmail.com.

The trust score of the domain is 60% indicating it to be a mediocre but active website. We are confident about its legitimacy to shorten links but could not find any authentic proof to confirm whether it pays money to the users. 

You can use its services for shortening links but don’t have any high hope to earn money.


It is not linked to any social media handles and lacks authentic customer feedback on any open platform. The domain is new and lacks any response from the users, and due to this, we couldn’t locate any review.

The services provided by the platform are authentic but, there is no proof to judge whether they are offering money or not. We would recommend our readers to do a background check to know more about is rizy.ir scam.


We do not have enough data to pass any judgment to the question, which is rizy.ir scam? But you can go through the website and read through their policies and terms to get a better insight into their services.

Social mediaNo
Trust score60%
Customer reviewsNo
SSL encryptionYes

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