Roblox Aesthetic T-Shirt

Are you obsessed with a cool new Roblox aesthetic T-shirt graphic? Here we have a lot more exciting things to offer you. Expectedly, there are many creative gamers on the Roblox platform. This specific feature is for them. Eventually, you can earn Robux from it. Everyone is aware of the rapidly spreading popularity of this online gaming platform. 

This gaming platform is currently trending in the United States and The United Kingdom. The popularity is expanding worldwide at the speed of light. Here we discuss how to create it, the benefits, and how you can earn free Robux from it. It will be a rollercoaster ride for all creative minds. 

What is Roblox aesthetic T-shirt?

The main moto of the Roblox platform is exploring, create, share, win, earn. These four things are the centralized elements of their platform. One of the most significant features is that you can create shirts, pants, and other accessories for different Avatar.

It asks a lot of effort and creativity. The most famous designing formation of it is shirt designing. We reveal all detailed info about the creation in our forthcoming segment.

How to create an aesthetic T-shirt?

Firstly, you need to remember that T-shirts and shirts are entirely different things. They have various kinds of features. Nowadays, Roblox aesthetic T-shirtis trending in.

Whenever you try to login into Roblox, they tell you to create your Avatar. And for Avatar you need to select some clothes. There are many free T-shirts available on the site. But you can also create your design and earn Robux instantly from it.

We summarize the steps in a proper formation, which are mentioned below; 


At first, decide the design as your preference. In our opinion, for the first time, try something simple. It will look soothing on your Avatar. 


When you are done with the decision, you need to create the image, resize it to 128×128 pixels, and save it as a Jpg or Png file. 


If you are not aware of creating your design, you can download your dream design online. There are plenty of sites available, which offer an extensive range of designs. 


Once you create or download successfully, you are ready to go with the design sized to 128×128 pixels and saved it as a Jpg file or PNG file, upload it to Roblox or test it out. 

How to upload these T-shirts on Roblox? 

This procedure is much simpler than the previous one. Follow all steps correctly for a successful procedure.


You need to go to Roblox’s official “Create” page.


Now, in the left-hand column, you will be able to see options to upload designs for either Shirts, Pants, or T-Shirts. Select T-Shirts.


Then, press the click option on Choose File and select your respected design.


After that, you need to thought a proper name for your design.


Lastly, you need to click on the Upload button and press confirm.

Step#6 Your design is entirely ready. 

How to test T-shirts on Roblox?

Here is another step-by-step manual to test your Roblox aesthetic T-shirtRead attentively for better understanding.


You need to go to the Roblox Studio and open the Plugins tab. 


Now, you see a pop-up menu that will display on the screen. This is all about the type of rigs you can build. Select whichever one you want.  


Please go to the Explorer window. Under workspace, you should see a Dummy option with a button next to it. Click on that button.


Now, you’ll see options to insert either a Shirt Graphic or Clothing object. Select T-shirt Graphic.


Look under the Appearance tab in the “Properties” window. You’ll find three options: Graphic, Shirt Template, and Pants Template. 


Select the row next to the Graphic option and choose the. PNG image you uploaded to Roblox.

Steo#7 The Dummy in your workspace should now be wearing your customized t-shirt. 

How to earn Robux from it? 

Yes! You heard it right. You can earn Robux from the T-shirt you design. 

  • You earn Robux when you complete your design and successfully uploaded it to the platform. 
  • And when someone else buys your customized T-shirt from Roblox’s official store, you can also get commission Robux in your Roblox account

Roblox aesthetic T-shirtis a great way to earn Robux officially.


Hopefully, you came across all the doubts of your mind till now. 

You can also share your experiences, thoughts, and views on this article in the comment section below. We would love to hear from your side.





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