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Several users want to know whether is it real or not? After analyzing multiple user reviews and self-testing, we have summarized the outcome.

Free Robux generators are one of the most trending online websites. This generator website is offering Robux to players. is not an exception; it is also a generator. However, the function of this gene is a bit different from others.

Suddenly, a massive population of gamers is getting to know about the website. This new website says that every gamer can get Robux from them. Naturally, people got excited. But the whole thing ends up with doubt and asking different questions about its legitimacy. We will share all information which will remove all doubts.

About Robux


Before the question of whether is it real or not? A definite question appeared in our mind, but first, we must clarify what Robux Day is. The Robuxday. Com is a website that works like a generator that helps people get Robux for free every day. 

Not only Robux, but they provide different codes to unlock the other Avatars. Also, you can find many restricted items in the inventory, and this website also gives some ways or codes to open them.

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This website is not only beneficial for Robux but also secrets and essential gaming items.


  • Category: free Robux Generator
  • Ways to generate Robux: watching the video and downloading applications 
  • Cost: free
  • Restrictions: one person can only use this website one time per day.
  • Important information: Roblox ID and email ID

How do works?


Yes, we are coming on is it real? But before that, let’s look into the working process of the website. The website is working for free, but one needs to download an application that they provide or watch a specific video to get free Robux and unlock restricted items.

Firstly, you have to provide all the required information, follow the steps, and do whatever the website says. We offer a step-by-step manual that will help you learn about the process.

How to get Robux from

Let’s find out the process and then move forward to is it real or not decision:

  • Go to the official website. 
  • Enter your email ID and Roblox ID in the respective text box
  • You can see three different portal generations of Robux, avatar improvement, and unlock restricted items.
  • Choose the one option which you think is essential for you.
  • After that, the page will offer you a video to watch or provide an application link to download.
  • Finally, the amount will be directly transferred to your account when you do the needful. Or you will receive a cod3 through email.

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What are the reviews?


When it comes to reviews on is it real or not, the responses are found to be negative. The website seems fake and does not have enough trust scores. We found a lot of adverse reactions and suspicious activities about the site and marked it a scam with a 2% trust score.

Allen said that he opened the website with a lot of expectations and hopes, but everything got vanished when he faced the truth and realized that this website was nothing more than just a scam.

Richard. H said that he fulfills all the requirements and everything instructed by the website, but there is no result, and nothing gets transferred to his account. He wastes his time on a fraud application.

Hamid said that he found the provided sources of videos and applications suspicious, and they are not safe to access. That’s why he didn’t do any such task to get Robux.


Stan said that the website’s presence looks fake, and the website is not always working well. No Robux and items are collected from it after watching hundreds of videos, a complete-time waste. is it real?

Now, it is time to answer the most critical questions. In a word, the answer is complete no. It is better to avoid this website and stay away from it. This is not an authentic source. Various suspicious activities are running inside it, and that’s why it is not safe to process with it.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 2% 
Social media presence Yes
Customer opinion Yes    

Hopefully, the answer to is it real is, visible and understandable for all. It is not a safe site and is a fraud website, and it will harm your private data and the system. It is better not to use it.

Please share your views and experiences with it in our comment section. We would love to see your feedback.


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