– Collect and Redeem Robux?

The is a website that produce Robux for free, but to collect that you have to complete some simple tasks and surveys. It is an old website which is still on hot topics.


But platforms like Robuxfree have promised users to provide points so they can use them to upgrade their skills and make the most out of them. We have reviewed many similar platforms and let our customers know if it will be safe for their use. We don’t believe in providing false information and putting readers’ privacy at stake. 

What is 

Like many functioning sites, this site also provides points to the players who can use it to enhance themselves in the game in various ways. Which includes everything from the way the character looks to its skills. It can be done with the help of the rewards they have collected on this platform. 


To collect the rewards, they must fulfill specific criteria in the small tasks assigned to them according to the number of points they have selected to win. The site has listed many ways through which the players can win the maximum number of points without spending a lot of time on it. 


The site interface looks attractive, and as the players get on the platform, they can see multiple pieces of information about it on the screen. Don’t worry if you visited the forum and needed help understanding anything about it. All you need to do is read this article thoroughly.


  • Objective: a site to provide rewards to uplift players’ status in the game 
  • Date of website launch: 2021-07-13
  • Date of its update: 2023-08-27
  • Date of its expiry: 2025-07-13
  • Social media platforms: not available 
  • Contact details: not available 
  • Email ID: not available

How do I use this website to get Robux?

  • The first step to visit the website. Preferably, chrome helps better in finding it in one go. After you reach the site, it will show all the information about it, and if players don’t get the language, they can switch it to English in the browser settings. 
  • A bar will be placed on the top of the page so players can put their Roblox username. It doesn’t ask for the player’s password. If any website under the domain name asks, we suggest you refrain from using it. 
  • The next step is to select the appropriate device, which will be given below the space as Android, Windows, iOS, and Xbox.
  • After this, the players can quickly navigate easy steps to win points on the same homepage. 
  • After having complete knowledge of it, they will proceed to complete tasks listed on the site as per the points, like downloading applications, making games, playing games, and many more. 
  • Now you can get your upgrade according to you, which can be a new avatar, hair, skins, or any skill that has been introduced with the updates.


  • It remarkable provides information as soon as the player enters the platform. On one homepage, all the information about how to win more Robux and similar information is systematically described so users understand. 
  • The site doesn’t ask players to provide a password to log in. Just the username of the Roblox game is required to get started. 
  • Many similar sites are not compatible with Xbox, and fortunately, if you have an Xbox, you are lucky enough to try this out.
  • It has listed reviews on the platform from which we can understand the experience that has been derived.
  • The points collected from this platform can be used for many exciting features and updates unavailable through the official store.


  • When the users click on the “Call for Support” option, it doesn’t take them to a page where they can chat or contact any support team regarding any help they need. 
  • When players enter the site, it isn’t easy to understand anything regarding it as it is not available in a general language like English, which works worldwide. 
  • The platform is unavailable on social media; anywhere one can draw remarks about it rather than having experience.
  • More information on the homepage makes the players clear, even if logging has been kept super simple. The site looks chaotic.

What are the player’s reviews? 

Here are a few reviews we have collected on the official platform are as follows: 

  • One user has stated that due to the financial investment they had to make to win rewards, they had to stop regular playing because their ID accumulated fewer points, and the reputation among the other players had degraded due to this website, they have successfully gained it back.
  • Also, some players said they would suggest it to their friends, who are all gaming lovers.
  • Another user stated that it could have been a more pleasant experience as they entered the site after getting their hands on it. The process seems easy, and winning points is not a big deal now.
  • One player on the official site has reviewed as he got on the site after controlling the temptation for all they feel it’s the best decision, and the site has not disappointed them.

Is safe? 


Per our review of this site, it is not a site that spikes our concern regarding data privacy or any related scam. We have visited the site multiple times, and we can understand it’s a fully functioning site with certain demerits like the player cannot contact the support team even if the option is available. Still, apart from that, we don’t see any reason not to use this site. 


We suggest our readers try once. Let us know their experience with us and the platform in the given space below, and remember to rate us.


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