Rosa Rugosa Clothing – What People Says [2023]

What is Rosa rugosa’s clothing? This brand is new to the market as per the research and gathered information.

But does every company provide the best product at the best value? Finding a perfect company with the best price and quality is somehow impossible. But yes, we are here to help you out. We found a company that grabs people’s eyes. But is it a trustworthy one or not? Let’s find out. 

About Rosa rugosa clothing?

Rosa rugosa is a Canadian-based brand founded by Matty Matheson. We found more than 5 varieties of clothing styles on the Rosa rugosa clothing website. The name Rosa rugosa Matty Matheson has become a known and comfy brand as a big, sweaty person printed in tattoos.


Matty Matheson’s empire includes restaurants, cookbooks, cookware, and the super recent clothing brand Rosa Rugosa. Further, there are multiple insights and backgrounds of the store’s origin on Rosa rugosa clothing Matty Matheson.

It is a workwear-emphasized clothing venture that purposes in making or creating garments that anyone can wear in the kitchen, on the road, street, on construction sites and clothes that people of all localities, all sizes, and trades can feel comfortable in.

What are the different types of collections available?

We go through the different types of mattresses enlisted below:

  • Gwynne collection
  • Dun collection 
  • Gardiner collection


  • Category: Clothing
  • Contact address: Parkdale. Toronto, Canada.
  • Email address: @rosarugosaworld
  • Payment methods: online transaction
  • Shipping and return:
  • Policies and related queries:
  • Distribution: North America


  • You can find comfortable, all trade of wear for office, kitchen, workwear, and streetwear collections.
  • All sizes are available, and all prices are set according to the size and material.
  • The quality of the clothes is rated as a 5-star rating.


  • No specific outlet contact address or contact number is mentioned on the website.
  • It is pretty expensive.
  • Only online transactions are available.

Is Rosa Rugosa legit? 

According to our research and findings, yes, the clothing venture is legit. The quality of clothes with a 5-star rating resembles that the material is perfect to wear. The founder, a well-known chef with an empire of cookware, restaurants, and YouTube shows can be trusted.


It has a fabulous website and social media presence. From such sources, we can say that this is a legit website.

What about Rosa Rugosa Clothing reviews?

Looking into the company’s background and fabulous, well-known founder, we can state that the brand and quality are unique. Moreover, this is a great initiative to launch the work and comfy wear in the market.

Hence, the product and its collection are durable and comfortable to wear for any occasion. Until now, there has been no customer feedback available over any platform, which may be due to the recent launch of the product. You can keep visiting for customer reviews.


Parameters Remark 
Social media presence Yes   
Quality assurance Yes    

According to the press release and fabulous social media presence, we can say that yes, the brand and company Rosa rugosa clothing is legit. There are no worries about not getting the best quality, and they ensure the quality for their customers. 

Their size charts are available, the shipping procedure mentions what needs to be followed, the steps are obvious, and the information about the company is transparent.


Where are your products made? 

Their products are made in the factory, which is based in Parkdale. Toronto, Canada.

How do I know my size before buying?

The sizing chart is mentioned in the drop-down of the product or item page; you can find your proper size by going through the chart accordingly.

What are the return guidelines?

After part of the delivery, you can return it within seven days.

Can I return products bought on sale or at a discount?

Items that are on sale or discounts are the final sales.

What should I do if my order is completely inaccurate? 

You can mail me at As customer happiness is the priority, they will quickly work into and solve the problem, as mentioned on the company’s website.  


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