Crigne clothing reviews | 4/5 Ratings, Poor Quality? (2023)

Crigne is an online fashion store, as per the Crigne clothing reviews products are available at affordable rates but poor quality products and delays in delivery are the major factors.

But is Crigne good? Is the brand legit? Let us explore more regarding the same in further segments. So, keep reading.

About Crigne Clothing

Before knowing about Crigne clothing reviews, you must have a general idea of Crigne Clothing.


It is an online apparel company headquartered in the United States that primarily caters to elderly ladies. The company sells a wide variety of merchandise. Dresses, casualwear, and shirts are among the things available. Crigne boasts of delivering premium quality items to clients worldwide at extremely inexpensive pricing. In addition, Crigne offers fully prepared D2C items from their manufacturers.

By removing the intermediary and the associated expenses, they have upheld excellent quality and design while keeping the selling cost minimal. Different clothing categories available on the Crigne website are T-shirts, Crop tops, Spring & Summer Collection, Casual Frock, Winter Sale, Sweaters, Outerwear, Jackets, Bottom, etc.


  • Website:
  • Established in: 2021
  • Umbrella Organization: XBP International Ltd
  • Mail Id:
  • Contact: +447482875871
  • Based in: San Francisco, California


  • Affordable rates
  • SSL certificate is valid


  • Duplicate the website of
  • The parent company is suspicious
  • No social media presence
  • Not an authorized company
  • The contact address is fake
  • No accurate factual data is available

Is Crigne Clothing Company Legit?

The legitimacy of a company’s website is directly related to its domain age. It is usually believed that the relatively older domains are likely to be associated with a well-established and renowned business. However, in the case of the Crigne clothing store, it was developed very recently, i.e., last year in November. This is the first red flag we came across.


Second, the entire website is a replica of another online retailer website known as Capatee. Everything is plagiarized content, starting from the layout, designs, catalog, “about us” section, etc. Plus, even though you’ll find social media icons, you won’t trace them anywhere on social media platforms. What’s more, the brand has stolen photographs from e-commerce clothing retailers.

We also found that Crigne’s umbrella organization- XBP International Ltd is not legit and is associated with several fake shopping sites. However, you’ll be surprised that the company’s Trustpilot & Crigne clothing reviews scores are 4.1/5 stars. But apart from Trustpilot, almost all other websites have given it a trust score of less than 30%.

The amount of red flags the website has is a lot with regard to the legitimacy and safety of the brand. Therefore, we cannot recommend you buy from this website as it seems the product is not upto the mark.

What are the Crigne clothing reviews by the customers?


Reviewing customer reviews is a must before buying from a new online retailer. As a result, we have reviewed practically all evaluation websites to provide you with some real Crigne testimonials. However, we obtained conflicting responses.

68% of people on Trustpilot rated the website “excellent,” and 18% rated it “good.” They are happy with their clothing deliveries and have stated that they got exactly what they viewed on the website.

These users also praised the quality of the fabric. Additionally, they have commended its fitting. Additionally, all positive feedback was about its low pricing.


However, we researched many more review sites and found that the number of negative comments exceeded the number of positive reviews. In addition, several people have straightforwardly declared it fake. They have alleged that the dresses have bad quality and sometimes, you won’t even find tags on the clothes.

A lot of negative feedback was centered on its poor customer, delivery, and shipping services. Moreover, people have also discouraged its refund and return policies. Overall, maximum people feel that they were scammed by Crigne and advise us to stay away from the website.


To conclude, Crigne is not only illegitimate but also an unsafe and fraudulent online shopping website. They have entirely copied another store’s website, including its layout and information sections. Even the photos are fake! We also pointed out several other red flags in the above sections. So, you must stay away from this website as much as possible to avoid being scammed.

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