Zaful Clothing Reviews by 50+ Customers 2023

Read Zaful clothing reviews by the customers. Zaful is a stylish apparel company known for its Instagram-worthy outfits. Get full details, pros, and cons below.

Both millennials and Generation Z gravitate to its assortment of low-cost clothing. You can find over 10,000 products on its website, irrespective of your gender. If you’re into shopping, you must check out this article to know more about this incredible clothing company.

What is Zaful?

It is a Chinese brand set up in the year 2014. Even though it’s based in Hong Kong, the primary source of its business is its online e-commerce website. The Umbrella organization of Zaful is Wiseon E-Commerce.


In addition, this brand rose to popularity within no time due to social media promotions and influencers. You can easily download its app from the apple app store, google play store, as well as the Huawei app gallery.

It’s challenging to locate an inexpensive clothes company offering everything like fast delivery, hassle-free returns, premium quality clothing, pocket-friendly discounts, etc. While Zaful lacks some of these, you can consider it one of the most convenient options if you want trendy clothes at an affordable price.

The brand believes in aligning its items with your sentiments, moods, individuality, and lifestyle instead of the attire you wear. Additionally, its manufacturing processes are also eco-friendly. Zaful delivers to more than 260 nations globally.

Different categories of products available on its official website are:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Home & Beauty
  • Curve + Plus

You can find a vast catalog of products on its website, including Halloween wear, swimwear, jackets, tops, coats, cardigans, sweaters, dresses of different types, bodysuits, tank tops, blazers, skirts, jeans, shorts, leggings, jumpsuit, hoodies, wigs, jewelry, shoes, hats, goggles, accessories, and what not!


  • Website:
  • Owned by: Whiston E-Commerce
  • Established in: 2014
  • Based in: Hong Kong, China
  • Contact: +(1)-360-824-5022 {US/Canada clients}, +(001)-360-824-5022 {International clients}
  • Mail Id:
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok


  • A vast catalog of products
  • Affordable rates
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing
  • Good fit
  • Good quality
  • Discounts and Promo codes are available
  • Student discounts are also available
  • Convenient return policies


  • Delayed delivery
  • Poor customer service
  • The refund process is too slow
  • Shipping problems

Is Zaful legit?

Before going through the Zaful Clothing Reviews, let’s know its legitimacy.

Yes, Zaful is a legit brand with a well-established online website. The website is well maintained, and you can get any information you want by visiting the website. Zaful is a multinational company that works with numerous well-known social media celebrities and bloggers. The brand can be considered 100% safe as well. 

Zaful has also worked with famous retailers like MARVEL. However, its Trustpilot rating is not as impressive as its customer reviews. Trustpilot has a rating of 2.5 for this website, which is poor. But at the same time, the brand has 5.1M+ followers on Instagram, demonstrating that it has gained a lot of outreach and favorable feedback.

Zaful Clothing Reviews


Shopping for trendy clothes from fun and edgy brand is excellent. However, we believe the customers must go through the customer reviews before shopping for a specific brand. The same goes with Zaful as well. Therefore, we scoured the web for valuable evaluations that would reveal the true titbits of the brand’s products.

However, we found mixed reviews on the same. Numerous customers are happy with the affordable rates, wide variety of products available, and good fit. They have also praised its quality. However, the other half of the customers are highly dissatisfied with the delayed delivery and refund problems. 

We also found some comments stating the website doesn’t take down sold-out products, which creates huge confusion among the buyers. People have also discouraged its customer services and don’t feel it’s up to the mark. However, despite these negative Zaful Clothing Reviews, the brand has a great fan following on the internet, and they love shopping from this site.

Is Zaful clothing worth buying?


Zaful has a massive assortment of items at very cheap rates. In addition, they offer amazing discounts and promo codes as well. Moreover, they provide specific student discounts on a lot of products. Even though such discounts may raise your eyes and leave you in doubt, several customers have expressed astonishment and satisfaction with the quality they got.

Considering all points, starting from the zaful clothing reviews, selling cost, and catalog, Zaful is worth buying.


Zaful can be your go-to brand if you prefer trendy clothes at affordable rates. It has received tremendous love and support from many customers concerning its stylish clothes, extensive catalog, quality, discounts, etc. However, you must note that its trust score in Trustpilot is poor, and most negative comments were focused on delayed delivery and shipping problems. 

We suggest you go through all the reviews yourself and then decide on a product while buying from Zaful. We hope you liked this article- Zaful Clothing Reviews. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.


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