How Do I Get to Route 224 in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

how do i get to route 224 in pokemon brilliant diamond? Complete guidance with full information is detailed in this article, must-read?

Pokemon is a popular thing among all series, and the brilliant diamond is one of the best co-related games. This game is an upgraded version of diamond, released in 2006.

But the main thing about a brilliant diamond is that it hides many secrets. Every little detail about this hame is interesting, and people love to see them reveal for their goods. There are various tricks and strategies available that help gamers win the game. Our question is also a hidden feature, and most people don’t know the correct way.

Let’s, read how do i get to route 224 in pokemon brilliant diamond in detail.

What is the fact of route 224?

There are various objectives available about this game and how do i get to route 224 in pokemon brilliant diamond. But before that, we reveal some obtaining items available in route 224. In the walk to Route 224, you find some specific things, which are;

  • Blukberry
  • Pp max
  • Sitrus berry
  • Pearl
  • Razor claw
  • Nanab Berry
  • Big pearl
  • Stardust
  • Destiny knot

All these obtaining items are somehow helping towards to achieve some more in this game.

How do i get to route 224 in pokemon brilliant diamond?

To get the exact Route, you need to follow a proper direction. Don’t be confused between all crossroads. We are here with a set of manuals to help you get the best way.

  1. Firstly, go inside the victory road through the waterfall area in the league.
  2. Here, you need to use a Pokémon of rock to move or break the hill. Head toward the south, and the mountain appears after crossing the bridge.
  3. You can see Elder at a place. Go to the site and walk upon the stairs.
  4. Firstly, you need to collect the national dex because if you did not order it, the NPC blocks the road after collecting it. Go inside and follow the stairs.
  5. After you get it, you can see someone whose name is Marley. It would help if you took him with you till the exit.
  6. Another exciting point is that you need to encounter some trainers during your journey.
  7. You can now see a staircase which is an exit to the victory road; go through it for the exit.

What is the hidden fact about route 224?

The Route is working as a connector to the victory road. The actual Elite four battle occurred here. There are different steps to unlock other systems to move for in this area.

The significant crucial step is removing the NPC:

  • The Firstly thing you need to get is a national Pokedex.
  • To get the Pokedex, you need to fight against the 150 pokemon.
  • The creature belongs to the Sinnoh region.
  • Once the challenge of Sinnoh is over, then the prof. Rowan will give the national Pokedex to remove the unblocking of the road.

What are the essential elements of this game?

Other secret elements available in the fame are key to these breaks and floral paradise that help you access premium pokemon. The aspect is Oka’s letter means a letter from professor oak. 

Apart from the oak’s letter, you can find a destroyed knot which is mostly helping special breed in the journey.

The destroyed knot is hidden near the dragon ball. Once you cross the dragon ball, you need to collect it, and it will be helpful in your future journey.

What are the procedures of steps of route 224?

In this article on how do i get to route 224 in Pokemon brilliant diamond, we add essential steps to remember while going through route 224:

  • It would be best to start traveling through the north, move to the wild area, and get into the east.
  • Remember walking in the eastern direction till the end of the beach area.
  • Once you reach the end of it, start walking to the northern region and get to the top of the hill.


Hopefully, all things related to how do i get to route 224 in pokemon brilliant diamond are clear in front of your eyes. We also share some essential information which is also necessary to know about.

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