What is Robux? Are you looking for a website? Where you can get free Roblox gift cards and Robux. This website that is is claiming to give them for free. 

Roblox is a famous game in the United States and, people use these gift cards as presents quite frequently now. But getting them for free seems suspicious. In this article, we will help you out of this predicament. We will do a detailed analysis and solve all queries related to

What is Robux? is a third-party website operating in the United States, claiming to provide you with gift card codes. They search unused Roblox gift card codes and send them to the user that you can redeem on the official Roblox website. 

The procedure itself seems illegal and fishy. But, they claim that using their website will neither harm your computer nor Roblox will ban your account.

They possess free giveaway codes for various platforms like:


• PlayStation

• Google Play

• Steam

• Xbox

• Spotify 


• iTunes

• Paypal

• Tiktok Followers

• Nintendo

• Roblox


There are various offers for various platforms but, the procedure is almost similar to get these. The website will ask you to perform simple tasks, and, in return, they will offer you a free giveaway on whichever platform you would like. 

If you choose free Roblox gift card codes, you need to pick a card from the options available on the website and then enter your username and perform some functions given by them.

How to use

If you desire to get gift card codes using this platform; follow these steps mentioned below:

  • You can follow these steps on any PC, iPad, mobile, and laptop, but make sure it has an active internet connection.
  • use this link to load the website on your device and give it some time to operate.
  • when the website completely loads, you will see several options available on the homepage.
  • several gift cards are available on the platform with a different number of robots enlisted in them. Choose the gift card according to your preference.
  • Then, you will be required to enter your username in the box given on the website.
  • You might also need to do a human verification by filling a captcha and verify your device by clicking on the symbol of your operating system.
  • The website does not ask for any user’s password or credit card information.
  • Give it some time to intercept the instructions.
  • You will perform some tasks and, then your code will be generated by the platform.
  • The task designated can ask you to install and run a gaming app, perform a survey on any of their topics or watch videos made available by them.
  • after you have completed all the tasks, please give the platform some time to find unused Roblox gift card codes.
  • Once it has found an unused code on the Roblox server, it will provide you with the code and, you can use it to get free Robux.
  • Go to the official web page of Roblox and enter this code to redeem free Robux.
  • We followed and tested all these steps mentioned above on the website.

Is legit or not?

The website was created in March 2021 and, like many other illegal websites claiming to generate free Robux. Using these sites can ban your account and cause immeasurable harm to your device. We did a comprehensive analysis on Robux and failed to find any authenticity in their claims.

Even though they have mentioned a trustable method on their website to get free codes, they are unreliable as many suspicious activities are tracked on these third-party websites. 


We would recommend our readers use a secondary account in their endeavors. Because if any harm comes your way at least, your primary account is protected and, you won’t lose any pre-existing Robux. We do not consider the website legit and would not suggest any affiliation with it.

User Review

The website lacks a review section; they have not provided any social media handle too. Because of this, we couldn’t track any authentic customer feedback on any social platform like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

We also tried to locate them on open platforms but, the website is too young. Therefore, to our dismay, we failed to find any response. But we found many reviews of similar websites claiming to generate free Robux and, people have mentioned them as a scam. Robux cannot be trusted and, you need to be vigilant while dealing with them.


These websites are rarely reliable and should be used with utmost care. Log out of the platform at any moment you detect some suspicion. We are not confident about Robux authenticity and recommend our readers use the official Roblox website to buy gift cards and avoid using deceitful ways.

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