Scariest Roblox Games 2023 – [Play Unlimited Online]

Play the Scariest Roblox Games 2022? Play 1. Identity fraud, 2. Dead silence, 3. Nightmare mine 4. Alone in a dark house. Also know some tips and tricks.


Game lovers have their kind of genres. Some love adventure, some love escape, and others love horror games. Now, some people thought about how someone could play horrors genres.


This genre is not so familiar, but Roblox has an excellent range of horror games to satisfy the horror lovers’ souls. So, when we start analyzing the scariest games, we found several matches available on this platform. We list out all of them to make you aware of them, and all games have their attractive points, and we point out everything cordially.

What is the name of the Scariest Roblox Games 2022?

There is an end number of games available, but we will let you know about the best popular games of all. So, without wasting any further time, let’s move forward to the list:

  1. Identity fraud 
  2. Murder mystery two
  3. Alone in a dark house
  4. Dead silence 
  5. Nightmare mine
  6. The horror elevator 
  7. Roses

We created a list of all the best scary games available on the Roblox. 

Identity fraud 

  • This is one of the most engaging games of all. 
  • The entire game is divided into different levels, and the game is revolved around three different mazes where you need to get put. In every maze, you find a devastating beast that followed you to catch.
  • But you need to escape from the monster. And at the very end, if each level, you need to face off a superior boss to end the game and win.
  • Each level is getting slightly different with a strong monster and brainstorming session.

Murder mystery 2

  • It is time to unveil the facts about Scariest Roblox Games 2022. The Murder mystery is very popular among players.
  • There are different characters you may play, and the available roles are as Murderer or as a sheriff, or a normal person.
  • This is a game where you can play with many people, where twelve players can play the game together. 
  • This is a horror version of among us. The game makes you think deeply and leads you to the truth, or you need to escape from reality.

Dead silence 

  • You can play this game with two of 9f your friends. If you analyze it, you can see that this movie is based on a film. It is one of the best Scariest Roblox Games 2022
  • Here you need to find a murder mystery.
  • The game is all about murders and solving mysteries.

Nightmare mine

  • This game is based on a zombie backstory that begins in a mine full of miners.
  • Suddenly a worker turned into a zombie who tried to catch you for getting your brain.
  • And the whole game is about to run away from the zombie and save yourself.

The horror elevator 

  • This game is wholly centralized in a lift.
  • You see a long building where you can roam on any floor with one lift. 
  • Every floor has its surprises and mysteries which you need to find.
  • You get the allowance of choosing a particular floor.

Alone in a dark house

  • This is a pure classic investigation game.
  • You will be the investigator and work with fifteen other groups of people.
  • It is all settled up in an unknown dark house and finds out the truth by solving different puzzles and riddle and finding the clues to solve it successfully.


  • Here is the Scariest Roblox Games 2022, which revolves around one particular rehabilitation center. 
  • This center is very dark, and you need to find your partner to save him from the dangers in an unknown place. 
  • The game is getting deeper and crueler with every new phase. You may explore different sides of stories of the game, which bombast your mind totally, and you will fall in love with it.



Expectedly, you get a clear idea about Scariest Roblox Games 2022. These are the top ten games of Roblox that will scare horror game lovers, and people with weak hearts might ignore the game. 

Please share your experiences with us through our comment section below. We would love to hear from your side.


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