School Celebration In December

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December is the end of the year. All the activities in the school are completed in the last month. Students and teachers wait for Christmas and New Year. Winter holidays are not far. There is an ease in academic routine, and all the children are willing to witness and participate in the School celebration in December.

There are a lot of festivals celebrated in schools in December. Christmas and New Year are celebrated throughout the world. Christmas is no longer a Christian festival, but the people of other religions also celebrate it. Some schools celebrate their Annual day in December. This month also witnesses the commencement of the year. It also witnesses festivals of different religions.

Different festivals and occasions of December are explained below:

  1. Christmas: Today, it is no longer a Christian religious festival. It is celebrated all over the world may not be religiously but culturally also. Western countries like the United States and The United Kingdom celebrate it as the birthday of Jesus Christ. The visit Church is sing Corals. They wait for Santa Claus and exchange gifts. Children wait for Santa Claus as a part of the School Celebration in December. Christmas is not celebrated as a religious festival in Australia, celebrated as a cultural occasion. They don’t go to church but visit beaches and organize camps or explore new exotic sites. They can visit remote areas of the world, including St. Helena, United Kingdom Ireland, or Bermuda, UK.
  2. Hanukkah: It is a Jewish festival. It is also called the festival of lights. The candles are lighted for eight days. People prepare potato pancakes and doughnuts. They exchange gifts. This occasion is also celebrated in schools in places where Jewish children study.
  3. Kwanzaa: Dr. Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa in 1966. This occasion is celebrated by singing and dancing. This is celebrated in African schools.
  4. Boxing Day: Boxing Day is celebrated on 26 December in most of the schools as well. On this day, Alms boxes in Churches are opened to distribute the contents among the poor and needy. Christian Schools celebrate this festival. Soccer matches and races are held on Boxing Day.


December is famous for other occasions also. Children wait for the whole year for School Celebration In December. 

The occasions are

  1. National Pollution Control Day: It is celebrated on 2nd December in memory of the people who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Seminars are held on this day to mark the occasion. Students read articles and participate in awareness programs and plays.
  2. World Day of the Handicapped: It occurs on 3rd December. It is observed to raise awareness about understanding the realities of disability. Children celebrate it by playing dramas on the disabled. Disabled students sing capabilities in various events to mark the occasion.
  3. Human Rights Day: This day commences on 10th December. Students play the roles of World leaders to create awareness about Human Rights and basic human freedom.
  4. National Mathematics Day: It is celebrated on 22 December to remember famous Indian mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan. Exhibitions are held in schools. Maths Olympiad is also organized.


Thus, the last month of the year is full of events in schools, and the students wait the whole year for School Celebration in December.

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