Side Effects of ginger

Ginger has lots of benefits; it helps to improve the digestive system and immunity of the body; it’s mainly found in the warm region like Asian countries. In India, it has been used for ages as a medicine in Ayurveda. A cup of ginger tea in winter can help you to fight from flu, sneeze, and cough and cold. But there are some side effects of ginger that you should also know about it.

In this article, we will discuss the facts and understand how we should avoid using ginger.

Side effects of ginger:

Ginger can cause gas problem

Ginger keeps the body warm, and that is the reason it is used for curing flu, and cough/cold. But in research, it is found that the overuse of ginger can cause gas and bloating. It can affect the upper digestive system, which may cause a gastric problem. 


So, it is advised not to take over 4gms, and if you are not sure, then take doctor’s advice for dosage and use. 

It may lower blood sugar beyond limitation

Ginger is used for a diabetic patient to reduce the blood sugar level because it has anti-diabetic properties, which helps to decrease the sugar level. But if you consume more than the requirement, than it may lower the blood sugar level beyond limitation. And that is not good for health; it may cause a severe attack.

Side effects of ginger tea

The ginger tea has lots of benefits; it boosts the immunity power and helps fight with other diseases. But there are some side effects of ginger tea that are also important to know. As we know, ginger tea can be prepared in many ways, but here we discuss the two main types of ginger tea and its side effects.

i. Side effects of Turmeric Ginger Tea 


Turmeric are famous for its anti-bacterial properties, and ginger is a powerhouse of anti-oxidant. Most people use to make turmeric ginger tea during winters that help them to keep the body warm. But do you know it may also cause you Kidney stones, which is a significant Side effect of Turmeric Ginger Tea?

Although we don’t have any certified, proven facts, if you take more than 4-5 cups of turmeric ginger tea in a day, it may increase the level of the uric acid in the blood. So if you have such an issue related to kidney or stone, then consult your doctor for its usage.

ii. Side effects of lemon ginger tea

Although it is not a severe issue, taking more than 4-5 cups of lemon ginger tea in a day may cause you urination problems. The reason may be due to the over usage of liquid. However, it is the only Side effects of lemon ginger tea.

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During Pregnancy


During pregnancy, special care is required mainly in eating; you may hear of not eating that meal, which can warm the stomach during pregnancy. The reason behind this is because if you overeat a high protein diet, it may cause miss-carriage. 

According to the research, more than 1500 gm of ginger consumption per day may heat the body, which is not suitable for the health of the unborn. It also increases the bleeding risk, which is not fit for both mother and the child. So, do take special care during those days.

Ginger cause Diarrhea

Ginger is consists of 6-gingerols, which is considered as the best anti-cancer agent; it is used to destroy the cancer cells and halts the formation of new cancer cells. But apart from these benefits, ginger may cause diarrhea, because it helps to speed up the passage of food via the intestine, and research says that this may be a cause of diarrhea.

Ginger may cause skin irritation


In research, it is found that the consumption of ginger may cause skin irritation and eye itching. It is maybe due to the allergic to the properties found in ginger. So, it is suggested to consult about it before its use.

Attention, we suggest to all our readers that ginger is a stem root used to make medicines in Ayurveda and Allopathy. The researches provided in this article is based on the small test which shows the side effects of ginger; it is not necessary that it will harm you, but taking an expert suggestion is always a good idea. 

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