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Do you want to execute a devious plan such as hacking someone’s Snapchat account to view their snaps, messages, and many such actions? In this article, we will discuss whether is legit or not? Keep reading to know more.

The users based in the United States love using the application Snapchat and maintain streaks with their friends. Snapchat is a famous social media platform where users can exchange messages and post stories; they can also send and stalk other people’s snaps. The users can also click pictures using various filters available on the platform and create fun images

To hack into the account of any of your friends or users, a platform has been created to help you in these deeds. The claims of these websites are dubious, and we suggest caution. Continue reading to know more about the website, the legitimacy, and the customers’ reviews on the platform.

What is

The snap sneaker is an online web portal that claims that it can hack into the account of the entered username and provide the user with the account’s password. The users have been flocking to the website to fulfill their agendas with the hope of getting their deeds done. 

The website, when loaded, is a yellow page, which provides just one box to enter the user name with a search option with the logo of Snapchat. It also has another box where the live chat is being displayed among the users. 

Any user can enter their comments, and they will be displayed on the portal. If you are wondering about any of these claims regarding legit or not, read further to find out.

How to use the platform?

  • Firstly make sure that your device has an active internet connection.
  • Choose your device, preferably a mobile phone or laptop.
  • Then on the web address space, enter
  • Let the page load successfully.
  • After that, the users need to enter the user name of the account in the designated place.
  • The users have also been provided with a text box to enter any queries that they possess or showcase any comment they want the public to know.
  • Now the users can try to hack the accounts that they want to.

Is legit or not?

The website’s claims and actions are very illegal as it claims to hack into any other user’s account. The claims make us dubious about them. The live comment section on the website has people based in the United States wondering how legit their claims are, and none of the comments have yet justified their claims. 

As per our research, when the users enter any account’s name to hack it, they are directed to some other webpage that is spam. Hence the website is not trustworthy, and we do not suggest any association with them. 

What are the user reviews on the platform?

We went through their website to gather any response from the users. We stumbled upon the live chat section wherein the perplexed users discuss their legitimacy, and none of the users have stated their experience about the website’s usage. This makes us wonder whether is legit or not?

We tried to locate them on any other social media platforms and failed to find any Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presence. They also have failed to gain any response on any of the open platforms. Due to the lack of any major acknowledgment, we couldn’t calculate a solid trust score. We do not consider the site safe. 


The website has no major influence on the users, and the legitimacy of the website is doubtful. The website’s claims themselves are very dubious and make us wonder whether is legit or not? We would not suggest any further affiliation with the website. 

We recommend doing thorough research on the platform and reading about its terms, conditions, and policies before using it if you have already used it or are planning to avail of its services in the future. 

Please share your views or feedback on our work with us; we love hearing from our readers. 

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