Spartan Mowers Reviews | Wide range of models, Check now?

In many Spartan mowers reviews users mentioned why they liked this product but are confused in similar products. Read the survey report and then decided the good.

About Spartan mowers

Spartan mowers are a wide range of lawn mowers that are suitable for all sorts of commercial and personal use. They have been curated and designed with the best technology to provide effortless and seamless services. Their specialty is that they are created using parts that are meticulously manufactured, keeping in mind the comfort of the user and the efficiency of the device. Their unique characteristics and features ensure they finish jobs with minimum effort in less time.


Most importantly, all the mowers have been uniquely designed to fit their specific purpose. For example, you can find models with higher horsepower, which can easily clear large fields. By comparing all their features, such as cut width, horsepower, capacity, and more, you can easily find the equipment for your specific needs. Although no Spartan mowers review has highlighted the same, this article has tried to enlist all the crucial aspects. 

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Models available:

  • KGZ: 61″ cut width and 40 HP
  • KG: 54-61″ cut width and 24-40 HP
  • SRT: 54-72″ width and 24-40 HP
  • RT: 54-72″ cut width and 24-36 HP
  • RX: 42-61″ CUT WIDTH AND 21.5- 25 HP


  • Vibration controlled deck
  • Charge pumps
  • Four AG Bearings
  • Resilient Bushings
  • Seven-gauge steel decks 
  • Keypad
  • Folding rops
  • Parking brake pedals
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Vanguard Quiet Ride Exhaust 


  • Purpose: To provide users with the best lawnmowers with high-end technology.
  • Website origin date: 2015-09-09
  • Founded: 2013
  • Founders: Robert and Becky Foster
  • Contact details: 855-307-0933
  • Email ID: not available 
  • Address: 1525 White Drive, Batesville, AR 72501
  • Social media: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  • Discounts on ProductsProduct: $500 off


  • The most alluring feature for those who wish to buy a lawn mower is that several types of mowers are available from the Spartan brand, giving one option to explore.
  • Each model has unique features and characteristics that make it suitable for different types of surfaces. This ensures they have the best results in minimal effort and less time.
  • Mowing a lawn can be a tedious and hectic task, but as the Spartan mowers have incorporated the best technology, they make it easy and enjoyable. For example, their mowers contain devices that absorb the vibrations and make less sound.
  • One can easily visit the site and start working on the mower as it has a user-friendly dial-pad with all instruments mentioned clearly, which has also been mentioned and appreciated in Spartan Mowers’s review.
  • As there are plenty of models available, you can opt for one based on the size of your field or lawn. For example, mowing a lawn would require a smaller device than mowing a field. 


  • You cannot find an email address on the main page.
  • You cannot locate any Spartan Mowers reviews on their website. 

How it works?

  • To purchase any Spartan mowers, you must visit the dedicated site.
  • There, you can find the options displayed on the very first page.
  • You can also locate all the catalogs and the ways to become a dealer from the menu bar available.
  • After reviewing all your options, you can go to the dealer zone in the menu bar and locate the nearest dealer.
  • After doing so, they will reach out to you with your requirements, and you need to get your chosen model from them.

How to use Spartan mowers?

  • Hop on the mower and situate yourself perfectly on the seat.
  • On your side, you can see a keypad. On the keypad, you need to put down the code and wait for the lights to turn on, which means it is active.
  • After you do, press the big red button on the keypad to start the mower.

What are Spartan Mowers reviews?

We visited different social media sites and pages to find all the honest feedback from users. In this endeavor, we found the following data.

Positive feedbacks:

  • One satisfied customer stated that he swears by his Spartan mowers, making his task much more manageable.
  • Another customer mentioned that when he visited the dealer to check out the mowers, he was very impressed and bought them.
  • One female user states that she has had good results since purchasing this mower and is impressed by the unproblematic features.

Negative remarks:

  • One customer stated that he has been facing issues since purchasing. His srt xd 61 model has been causing trouble.
  • Another customer has advised users not to go for it at any cost because, per him, the sellers of this Product do not stand true to their claims and promises.
  • Other customers are satisfied with the behavior of their dealers but are dissatisfied with the company and its dedicated customer support behaviors towards their customers. 



Hence, as Spartan Mowers has received 3.8-star ratings from different reviews, it is evident that the site is trustworthy and the products are durable and efficient. Therefore, we suggest our readers give it a try. We hope our review was helpful, and we await your feedback in the comments section below. 


Is Spartan mower any good?

Yes, Spartan mowers are a good option for lawn mowing needs. 


What happened to Spartan Mowers?

Spartan Mowers are still in business, and you can purchase them by contacting their dedicated dealers. It is currently owned by Toro. 

Are Bad Boy and Spartan Mowers the same?


No, they are not the same. 

Why did Toro buy Spartan Mowers?

As Spartan mowers were favored or chosen by the rural markets and had a large user base, Toro bought them. 


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