Specimen Vitals Among Us

Are you looking for Specimen Vitals Among us? Then you are on right page, online video games is a good source of entertainment and sometimes can be used as education too. They can be played alone, in teams, or online by the people. It provides the best exercise to the body. It also teaches discipline and team building in life.

Now a day’s online gaming is one of the major trends all over the country. In online playing, one can play for long hours having an internet connection just like Among us. This game has gained popularity in the United States. All age groups of people can play this game.

About Among Us?


It is an online multiplayer deduction game, where the players concealed each other roles and all try to have bonded with each other. This game Specimen Vital Among us Game can be played by four to ten people. In this game, you have to board a spaceship and try to secure the planet base or sky headquarters and you have to reach back safely to the earth. In this game, the amazing, is that one team member is replaced by an Alien.

The Objective of the Alien:

The role of an alien is that it has to remove the entire crew before it reaches the earth safely. The alien has to go secretly and pass through the deceive players and can destroy the ship.

Responsibility of Other Crew Members:


The other members have to save the ship until death has been confirmed. They cannot talk with each other until the death has been confirmed. The other members have to decide among themselves and they have to decide to throw a member out of the ship. Suppose if the alien is thrown out of the ship then other members win the game but if another member has been thrown away then others have to try to get back to the work.

What is Specimen Vitals Among US?

Three things will be shown on your screen when a player enters the games these are as under:

1. OK- This indicates that the player is still alive.


2. Dead- This indicates the player has been killed and has not been disconnected from the game. It means that the body can still be found and can be recorded on the ship.

3. D/C-Which indicated the player has been disconnected from the game and the body of the player exists on the ship.


This Game is getting famous in The United States and in another foreign countries also.


As we mentioned in the above section that among us is a world famous online game that has its various version and Specimen Vital Among us is one of its famous version, you can also see several other versions of Among us which is played online by the YouTubers. All those promotional versions can also be played by the YouTubers only.

Meanwhile you can also share your experience about it in the comment section.


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