Spoil The Moles Sabotage Attempt

Want to know different ways to spoil the moles sabotage attempt? Perfect! You are lucky this time to find the exact place to learn more about this attempt. Nowadays, besides Roblox, Fortnite is trending among the new generation. Millions of people spend100 hours per week on the Internet to search for new information about this game.

We are assuming the need for gamers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. We are presenting each known and unknown fact about this sabotage attempt and this game. We will go one by one about what it is, how to do it, hidden factors, and many more interesting things. Be with to know all info in a detailed way.

What is Fortnite?


Fortnite is a hard-core survival game. Hundreds of players are facing each other for survival. The game is commonly played in player vs. player combat mode. Among these hundred players, one player can win at last and only a survivor of this game.

 There are four modes available in this game: battle royale, number two is party royale mode, third is the creative mode, and last, but not least, is save the world. We are coming on how to spoil the moles sabotage attempt in our next segment.

Detailed information about sabotage attempts:


The Spoiling moles fell under the category of legendary quest of Fortnite. On the 14th of the week in the second chapter of the seventh season, you get the chance to spoil the moles sabotage attemptin the game. 

Honestly, this is the most exciting part of the game. Firstly to reach this phase, a player must collect instructions by talking to Solne on the payphone. And also, you have to warn three other characters and shut down the power of radar dishes. Now, you are good to go for the attempt.

How to spoil the moles sabotage attempt?


Here we came up with a step-by-step guide of the process of this attempt. The procedure is a bit tricky. That’s why you need to go through the list very carefully to be successful.

  • Firstly, you must head to Corny Complex to spoil the mole’s sabotage attempt to this Fortnite legendary quest.
  •   And the Corny Complex has become rather floaty.
  •  For this reason, you need to ensure you land on the remainder of the IO base, which is beneath the western grey barn.
  •  Don’t worry if you miss the landing – you can easily gather enough materials in the surrounding area to build a set of stairs up to this ledge.
  • Once you’re safely on the ledge, you’ll find the countermeasure attached to part of the wall.
  • Now, all you have to do is interact with it to complete the challenge!

Things to keep in mind to spoil this attempt:

Here we will discuss some important things to remember while playing the game and spoil the moles sabotage attempt.

  • You have to pay attention to the Fortnite seventh season map, and you can see the Corny Complex, where the Imagined Order has their biggest base, has been ripped apart by the alien ship. Now there are giant chunks of earth and buildings floating in the sky.
  •  When you get to the Corny Complex, you can see some of these chunks of floating earth have what look like giant metal orbs attached to their underside.
  •  Their appearances are like landmines, which might explain the whole explosion.
  •  You have to go to that floating island and float your way to the underground level.
  • You’ll notice half a room has been ripped away, and one giant metal orb is attached to its left side, close enough to touch.
  •  It would help if you interact with the orb when close, and you’ll complete the challenge.
  •  For this trouble, you’ll get a nice 30,000 XP for your courage and power.



Here we wrap up today’s discussion. Hopefully, it will help you to find all the details to spoil the moles sabotage attempt successfully. Keep playing Fortnite and try to be the winner and last survivor of this game.

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