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Are you looking for StartEngine reviews? Investment and start-up businesses are an important subject these days. It is a tough decision to where you need to invest for the best outcome. You must have a proficient guide and reliable information center to trust and invest money in genuine companies. Recently the name of this company spread massively. 

After analyzing all possible circumstances, we came up with this article to clear all your problems with a concise solution. We will discuss the base of this company, specifications, pros, cons, legitimacy, and many more hidden facts about the company to solve all your queries related to this company. Be with us to learn all matter to its core.

What is StartEngine? 

This website is an investment platform. It is an online website for investors willing to invest their funds in start-up businesses before their public declaration. Even founders and CEOs are also looking for investors as per their requirement of money.


In simple words, this is an online trading market. This site is an alternative platform for secondary trade solutions. This platform started in the year of 2014. We disclosed genius StartEngine reviews in our forthcoming segments.

Different functions of this website: 

  • You can buy shares in a start-up.
  • You can trade with investors.

You need to be 18 years or above to access this website. You need a government-registered identity proof and company registration certificate to run a campaign on this website.


Needed proof to be a registered member of this community:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Identity proof.
  • Company documents (if you are looking for funds).
  • Investor ID card (If you want to invest in shares on this website).
  • A ministry or government recognizes an identity certificate.

Now, we are moving forward to our main topic, StartEngine reviews.


  • Contact Number: No valid information is available.
  • Company Address: No specific location is available on the website.
  • Investor support email ID:
  • Company support email ID:
  • Press inquiry email ID:
  • Category: Online trading platform. 
  • Investors eligibility: Investors need to be approved according to Regulation A and Regulation D.


  • You can invest with as little as $100.
  • It is an open platform to everyone, including both accredited and non-accredited investors.
  • More than 150 opportunities are available on this platform for each information related to start-up fundraising campaign pages.
  • Buy transactions have no fees on 
  • Founders can raise up to $5 million or $75 million per year on the platform.


  • The 3.5% fee is higher than some competitors and a bit costly for small investors.
  • Not ideal for investors in search of short-term gains or immediate results. This platform focuses on a long-term partnership.
  • 5% fee for selling shares on this platform.
  • Start-up investments are inherently risky and illiquid.
  • No curation or due diligence of offerings (beyond minimum background checks and anti-fraud checks).
  • Valuations are set entirely by the company raising money.
  • A confusing network of related entities.
  • Accepts investments via credit card, which seems irresponsible.

Is StartEngine a legit company?

We analyzed many StartEngine reviews and prepared a list of positive and negative points related to its legitimacy. Go through it carefully for a clear view.

  • Both valid SSL and HTTPS certificates are found on this website.
  • Mixed reactions are available all over the Internet.
  • Over five hundred plus investments happened on this website.
  • 14 Thousand investors are investing nearly two million plus funds on this platform. 
  • StartEngine is a Title III Funding Portal (aka Reg CF) registered with the SEC and governed by FINRA. They also operate an entity for raising money via Title IV (Reg A+). While some investment crowdfunding sites take a highly curatorial approach to selecting companies, StartEngine is among the platforms with a more open marketplace philosophy, offering companies subjected only to minimal due diligence to screen out “bad actors” and ensure baseline compliance with SEC rules.
  • StartEngine is among a growing crop of crowdfunding and online alternative investment platforms, most of which have launched in the wake of the 2012 JOBS Act.
  • We mark it as a legit company with a 75% of trust score.

Investors and founders StartEngine reviews?


After a lot of analysis, we found mixed responses on this website. Some people are really satisfied with their service, and some are upset with their terms and conditions.

Samuel said,

 “This is a trustworthy platform to invest your money in a good start-up company.


Wesley said,

“I was looking for a genuine investor for a long time. Finally, I got a genuine investor on this platform.”


Parameters Remarks 
Trust score 75%
Social media presence Yes 
Customer reviews Yes 
SSL certificate Yes 

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