Store Haute Boutique Legit

Is Store Haute boutique is legit or a scam? Buying Yeezy shoes for yourself is a dream come true, right. The class and the comfort they offer tempt us. If you plan to buy a pair of these Yeezy shoes, you must know about Store Haute boutique. Shoes are very expensive; before we invest a large amount, we have to determine whether it is safe or not.


This store seems to be trending these days, so in this article, we will check the store’s legitimacy before you trust it. It is also required to know the specifications and advantages of buying shoes from this company.

What is store Haute Boutique?

It is a virtual store that started selling Yeezy shoes to all parts around California. This website sells Yeezy 350, Yeezy 380, Yeezy 500, Yeezy 450, Yeezy 700 categories of Yeezy shoes. Normally, these shoes are over expensive shoes. Let us whether this can be considered or not.


  • Not only usual shoes, but all types of Yeezy shoes are available.
  • Contact address that is mentioned on the website: 5601-5605 Balboa Ave, San Diego, California, United States.
  • Link for website: 
  • Contact number: +17865676228
  • E-mail address: 
  • Payment method: The only payment method that is available for this company is Paypal. They believe that Paypal is safe and secure, so their transaction supports only this.
  • Shipping methods: They ship all over the world via airMail service.
  • The time it takes to deliver its products: It takes 15 business days to complete delivery within the country. Subsequent days can be estimated based on the distance for other countries. 
  • Privacy policy: This is the important aspect when knowing Is store Haute boutique legit or not? But there is no information available.
  • Return and refund policy: The website accepts all kinds of return, refund, exchange, and order cancellation if the buyer is not satisfied with the product. But this should be done within 30 days of product delivery, and the product should be unused.
  • Return Label: The store sends a return table for each product you buy from them. You can only return if you have this label with you.
  • Privacy policy: They will give you an online privacy statement once you place an order.


  • Designs are different, and the number of products is high. 
  • You don’t need to be a resident of the United States to buy from this boutique. You can buy from anywhere in the world.
  • All the products are neatly categorized to make the process of buying easier.
  • Things for all ages and all sizes. There is no specificity based on age; you can find things that all ages need.
  • You can see the product clearly on the website, as they have given pictures of different angles.
  • They suit both men and women.


  • No ratings or reviews are available for individual products to get clarity, is store Haute boutique legit or not.
  • No description is available for the product.
  • Only one payment method is available.
  • There is no discount available for the products.
  • No free shipping for any of the products.
  • It is an unpopular website.
  • Products are a bit expensive.

Is Store haute boutique legit?


Yeezy shoes are very expensive. No one will be ready to invest so much into a company that is fraud. So we will help you know the trustworthiness of this company by checking few legitimacy points.


No marketing activity can be seen on the website. Moreover, there are no reviews available. Like adding fuel to the fire, there are no social media handles present for this company. These details make us think that this site may be suspicious.

What are customer reviews?

There is not a single review available for the product or the store. Even we can’t find any testimonials over web-related this website. The web traffic rate for this website is also zero.


Reviews help us know more about the website, and the absence of these will convey that this may not be reliable. This makes us easy to answer Is store Haute boutique legit, as many checkpoints of legitimacy failed.

Final thoughts

This store holds a trust rate of 50% without having web traffic. This creates various doubts about the website. Also, there are no positive highlights regarding the website; we suggest you take safety concerns.


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