Tacticool Ammo Shop Reviews

In this article, you will be presented with detailed and honest Tacticool ammo shop reviews so that you can purchase the ammo and weapons securely from a reliable source. 

The availability of guns in the United States is very easy. However, it is necessary to list dealers who illegally trade these deadly weapons with the rise in gun violence. The entire community must be vigilant against these irresponsible dealers to keep society protected from violence. Keep reading further to find out how safe this website is.

What is Tacti-Cool Ammo Shop?


Tacti-Cool Ammo Shop is an online store that sells unique weapons such as handguns, rifles, etc. they provide the best quality ammunition and the weapons accessories of multiple brands on a single platform. People eligible must be above 18 years old for respective purchases and must be of sound mind. 

They can very easily place an order online and get it delivered to the comfort of their house. In addition, they ship their products globally, and to know more about Tacticool ammo shop reviews, keep reading further.


  • Contact Address – They are based in United States as per the information on their website. The exact address mentioned on their website is 82 12th street, office 14, LA. 
  • Customer Care Number – the customer care number provided on the website is +1985 467 9151.
  • Email Address – sale@tacticoolammoshop.com.
  • Payment Method – They accept payment via Zelle, Google pay, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and Venmo.
  • Category of the Website – They are currently dealing in weapons and ammunition.
  • Delivery Time – The delivery time details have not been stated explicitly on the website.
  • Return of Product – they do not accept returns.
  • Shipment Process – The shipment can be tracked on their website. They cost an extra shipment charge depending on the delivery address. Different countries have different additional shipping charges.
  • Method of Delivery – They offer a standard shipping method for delivery for all countries.

Pros of Tacti-Cool Ammo Shop

  • They offer services worldwide
  • It is an online portal and easily accessible to all.
  • They sell handgun ammunition to people who are 21 years and older.
  • They sell rifle ammunition to people who are 18 years and older.
  • They protect customer information and do not provide it to third parties.

Cons of Tacti-Cool Ammo Shop

  • They do not offer cash on delivery on their website.
  • They do not provide a return on products.

Is Tacti-Cool Ammo Shop legit or not?


We went through their entire website and their social media handles. Then, after doing a comprehensive examination and thoroughly studying their terms, conditions, policies, and accumulating all valuable data, we analyzed it. As per our research, the rank of the website is 42/100.

This places the website under the suspicious radar and has a medium-low trust rank.


The results could be affected because they are relatively new, and the conclusion is an algorithm based on the available data. Therefore, these results are not always solid and may change when subjected to different scenarios. Consequently, we suggest analyzing at your end before any other association.

What are the Tacticool ammo shop reviews by the customer?


We failed to locate any reviews on the website. So we read various responses on the reviews section on various other sites and social media platforms from the customers who have made purchases, and we have got mixed reactions. Some customers have complained about inferior and disorganized customer services. 

One of the users explicitly mentioned that he made a payment and had never received any products neither a response from them. So he declared the site an absolute scam. We even read the reviews of the people who discussed visiting their store and appeared comparatively satisfied with the service offered there.


Many red flags are being raised regarding their services and online payment methods on the website, which are not reliable and approved. Even though it seems a great platform to get your hands on ammo and guns at a very reasonable price, we advise you to please read the terms and conditions and Tacticool ammo shop reviews carefully. Do remember to share your experience with us.


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